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This template is used by form «ETG article» to create or edit an article of Enlarged Theosophical Glossary.

  • To create a new article use form «ETG article».
  • Pages that use this template are placed in category «ETG articles» and other categories, named in "categories" parameter.
To copy Description
{{ETG article
 | term = 
 | term diacritical = 
 | person = 
 | origin =
 | variations =
 | transliteration SD ed.1 =
 | transliteration SD ed.3 =
 | transliteration HK =
 | transliteration IAST =
 | description =
 | image = 
 | image description = 
 | categories =
 | related terms =
 | start = 
 | end = 
 | approximate duration = 
 | library pages = 
 | quotes hpb = 
 | etg rus = 
 | tsw en = 
 | wikipedia = 
  • term -- term or name, [[ETG term]]
  • term diacritical -- the same term with diacritical marks (if exist) and stress mark (if needed), [[ETG term diacritical]]
  • person -- "yes" if it is a person, in this case term will be added to category «Persons» and semantic properties [[Name]] and [[Full name]] are set
  • origin -- spelling in original language, original meaning, etymology [[ETG term origin]]
  • variations -- different spellings (list separated by ";"), [[ETG term variations]]
  • transliteration SD ed.1 -- spelling in The Secret Doctrine as in 1st edition of 1888 (if used), [[ETG term SD]]
  • transliteration SD ed.3 -- spelling in The Secret Doctrine as in 3d edition of 1893 (if used), [[ETG term SD]]
  • transliteration HK -- spelling without diacritical marks, [[ETG term HK]]
  • transliteration IAST -- spelling according to International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration, [[ETG term IAST]]

Description, relationship:

  • description -- description of a term, the article itself, [[ETG term description]]
  • image -- filename of an image, [[ETG term image]]
  • image description -- for person, if this parameter is not set, there will be automatic description generated from name and dates of life, [[ETG term image]]
  • categories -- list of categories where this term belongs or could be applied to (list separated by ";")
  • related terms -- some terms the one is connected with (list separated by ";"), [[ETG term]]

Duration, period of existence, lifetime:

  • start -- the exact date of appearance, creation or birth in any of supported format, f.e.: YYYY-MM-DD (Year-Month-Day), [[Date of appearance]]
  • end -- the exact date of disappearance, destruction or death, [[Date of disappearance]]
  • approximate duration -- set this only if the exact date is unknown, f.e.: around II AD

Semantic property [[Lifetime]] is set if at least one of the above is not empty.

Teopedia links:

  • library pages -- wiki pages in Library
  • quotes hpb -- page with quotes by H.P. Blavatsky
  • etg rus -- Glossary article in Russian

External links:

  • tsw en -- article in English section of Theosophy.wiki
  • wikipedia -- article in Wikipedia
  • other resources -- any other Internet resources in format: [URL1 text1]; [URL2 text2]

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