Blavatsky H.P. - The Secret Doctrine

There are several editions of The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky:

  • Würzburg manuscript of the book, which is a version of the book after HPB wrote it and before it was edited and altered for publication.
  • First edition – the first original edition, 1888
  • Second edition is really a reprint of first edition with minor technical alteration; it was just an issue of additional copies of the book
  • Third edition – third edition by A. Bezant and J. Mead, 1923

SD online

There are several other online resources with The Secret Doctrine text:

  • Universal Theosophy – Text has been updated from the 1888 first edition for spelling corrections, typographical errors, styling updates, and transliterations. Updates are traced by highlighting text and Table of Updates.


Teopedia Storage accumulates files with different editions of The Secret Doctrine and additional information, such as referenced books, articles about SD, etc.