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Comprehensive Theosophical Dictionary
Add or edit the article about a term or a person

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This form is using template {{CTD article}}.

Put term or name in a form, which is convenient for sorting and searching. Recommendations:

  • Do not use diacritical marks
  • For person use the following pattern: Last Name, First name and other names and titles in their regular order. Those names with no family name (last name) should be put in regular sequence of their parts. For example:
    • Blavatsky, Helena Petrovna -- full name, preferable
    • Blavatsky, Helena -- short version, full name and abbreviation can be set later in next step
    • Blavatsky, H. P. -- short version, note space between initials
    • Molinos, Migel de
    • Koot Hoomi
  • For books, periodicals and other titles move article at the end after comma:
    • Sun, The