HPB-SD(ed.1) v.1 p.1 st.2 sl.6

The Secret Doctrine
The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy
by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Verbatim first edition, 1888
volume 1 Cosmogenesis, part 1 Cosmic Evolution, stanza 2 The Idea of Differentiation, sloka 6
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divine thought, divine thinkers.

STANZA II. — Continued.
6. These two are the Germ, and the Germ is — one. The Universe was still concealed in the Divine Thought and the Divine Bosom.

The “ Divine Thought ” does not imply the idea of a Divine thinker. The Universe, not only past, present, and future — which is a human and finite idea expressed by finite thought — but in its totality, the Sat (an untranslateable term), the absolute being, with the Past and Future crystallized in an eternal Present, is that Thought itself reflected in a secondary or manifest cause. Brahma (neuter) as the Mysterium Magnum of Paracelsus is an absolute mystery to the human mind. Brahmâ, the male-female, its aspect and anthropomorphic reflection, is conceivable to the perceptions of blind faith, though rejected by human intellect when it attains its majority. (See Part II.. “ Primordial Substance and Divine Thought.”)

Hence the statement that during the prologue, so to say, of the drama of Creation, or the beginning of cosmic evolution, the Universe or the “ Son ” lies still concealed “ in the Divine Thought,” which had not yet penetrated “ into the Divine Bosom.” This idea, note well, is at the root, and forms the origin of all the allegories about the “ Sons of God ” born of immaculate virgins.