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This template is used for every item in H. P. Blavatsky's Scrapbooks.

To copy Description
 | volume = 
 | page = 
 | item = 
 | type = 
 | status = 
 | continues = 
 | title = 
 | subtitle = 
 | untitled = 
 | author = 
 | author signed = 
 | source title = 
 | source details = 
 | publication date = 
 | original date = 
 | notes = 
 | categories = 
 | hide = 
  • volume -- Scrapbook volume number, [[HPB SB volume]]
  • page -- page number in the volume, where item starts, [[HPB SB volume page]]
  • item -- item number on the page, [[HPB SB page item]]
  • type -- type of an item from the list: article, poem, notice, review, letter, telegram, card, image, other, [[HPB SB item type]]
  • status -- current status of an item from the list: wanted, ok; additionally for text: proofread; for images: improved; [[HPB SB item status]]
  • continues -- pages where the item continues; separated by comma (,), [[HPB SB item continues on pages]]
  • title -- title of the item of any type (see above), [[HPB SB item title]]
  • subtitle -- subtitle, if exist, [[HPB SB item subtitle]]
  • untitled -- set to "yes" for text without a title; in this case parameter "title" is better to hold several words from the very begining of the text, [[HPB SB item untitled]]
  • author -- real name of the author or authors, separated by semicolon (;); format: Last-Name, Initials; [[HPB SB item author]]
  • author signed -- the name the author singed his/her article; in case of several authors, separate names by semicolon (;); format: as in original text; [[HPB SB item author signed]]}
  • source title -- the name of magazine or newspaper where it was published, [[HPB SB item source title]]
  • source details -- particular place, i.e. volume, page etc., [[HPB SB item source details]]}
  • publication date -- date of publication in this source; format: YYYY-MM-DD, [[HPB SB item publication date]]
  • original date -- date of letter written or publication in original source; format: YYYY-MM-DD, [[HPB SB item original date]]
  • notes -- any additional information about the item, [[HPB SB item notes]]
  • categories -- some categories for the item, additional to [[HPB SB item categories]]; separated by comma (,)
  • hide -- set to "yes" to hide all data and just set the semantic properties; used for some images and titles or subtitles altered by HPB

Each item has an ID set by [[HPB SB item ID]] property.