Template:Style P-Title level

This style is to design paragraph in text. To highligt just several symbols use templates for symbol styles.

Title of certain level. This style is used to design titles and subtitles of levels 1 trough 6 and add them to table of contents. Uses tag <h>. If level=0 then use tag <div> instead, so it does not reflect in table of contents. See also {{Style P-Title}}.


  • text-align: center
  • font-weight: bold
  • font-family: 'Droid Sans', Arial, sans-serif
  • border-bottom: 0px solid grey
  • small capitals for level 0

To copy:

{{Style P-Title level|||}}


{{Style P-Title level |Level| Title | Anchor}}


  • Level - number from 0 (for tag <div> and no TOC) up to 6; default = 1, optional
  • Title - text of a title, mandatory
  • Anchor - aditional anchor, wich could be used in references, f.e.: Article name#anchor_name, optional. Note that headers of any level set by equal sign already have full text anchors. This parameter allows to give an additional short version.

! Note, that level number has to be set without spaces! Other parameters do not depend on this.


  • 1-st level title without additional anchor
{{Style P-Title level || Title name}}
  • 2-nd level title with anchor
{{Style P-Title level |2| Title name | short_anchor}}