Template:Style S-HPB SB. HPB note

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This symbol style is used to highlight letters or symbols inside paragraph. To highlight whole paragraph use templates for paragraph styles.
This style is used in Blavatsky H.P. Scrapbooks to highlight HPB's notes. The second optional parameter can set text alignment to right, left or center. See {{Style}} template.


  • italic
  • text color
  • background color

To copy:

{{Style S-HPB SB. HPB note|}}


{{Style S-HPB SB. HPB note|some text}}
{{Style S-HPB SB. HPB note|some text|alignment}}
  • alignment could be: left, center, right. See {{Style}} template.


1. In some places HPB wrote notes over the printed text.

2. Some notes should be centered.

{{Style S-HPB SB. HPB note|March 16<sup>th</sup> 1875|center}}
March 16th 1875