About Teopedia

The goal of Teopedia is to provide the most comprehensive idea about any conception or a phenomenon. Objectivity could be obtained by comparison of opinions of various authorities, and since the authorities are different for everyone, there are the separate sections for every each of them. People trusting some authorities can limit their studies by the chosen sections, but for interested persons there is a possibility to familiarize with opinion of other thinkers.

Unlike Wikipedia, Teopedia can and will include articles not only scientifically-atheistic, but also scientifically-religious, scientifically-philosophical, scientifically-mystical and so forth as all these directions of human thinking have their facts, their observers and their scientists.

In Teopedia any religious faiths, philosophical doctrines and scientific hypotheses can be reflected. Being the theosophical encyclopedia, Teopedia will try to display all variety of human thought.

To get more understanding of what Theosophy is, you can look through other theosophical sites and forums or read theosophical literature, which you can download as the electronic books or buy via Internet stores.

Teopedia sections
Section Description
Library Library holds original texts in wiki format to provide full text search and source for references in quotations
HPB Quotes of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Quotes Quotes of miscelenious authors

Currently the English section of the project needs English speaking maintainers!

If you are interested in spreading the theosophical thought in the way wiki can do, you are highly welcome to contact the project administrator.

To get an idea about what the English section of the project might look like please visit the Russian one, which develops pretty rapidly.