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Abhijna • Abhijñâ SD • abhijnA HK • abhijnā IAST (Sk. अभिज्ञा from abhi towards + the verbal root jñā to know, have special knowledge of, mastery over; Pali abhiñña, Tib. mngon-shes). Six phenomenal (or “supernatural”) gifts which Sâkyamuni Buddha acquired in the night on which he reached Buddhaship. This is the “fourth” degree of Dhyâna (the seventh in esoteric teachings) which has to be attained by every true Arhat. In China, the initiated Buddhist ascetics reckon six such powers, but in Ceylon they reckon only five. The first Abhijñâ is Divyachakchus, the instantaneous view of anything one wills to see; the second, is Divyasrotra, the power of comprehending any sound whatever, etc., etc. (TG).