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SD editions

There are several editions of The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky:

  • Würzburg manuscript of the book, which is a version of the book after HPB wrote it and before it was edited and altered for publication.
  • First edition – the first original edition, 1888 (volumes 1, 2) and 1897 (vol. 3).
  • Second edition is really a reprint of first edition with minor technical alteration; it was just an issue of additional copies of the book
  • Third edition – third edition by A. Bezant and J. Mead, 1923

See Theosophy Wiki for more information.

SD online

There are several other online resources with The Secret Doctrine text:

  • Universal Theosophy – Text has been updated from the 1888 first edition for spelling corrections, typographical errors, styling updates, and transliterations. Updates are traced by highlighting text and Table of Updates.

Third volume

A third volume was compiled by A. Besant and published in 1897 after H. P. Blavatsky's death (1891). Text belongs to H.P.B., but she did not arrange nor approve this volume.


  • Teopedia Storage accumulates files with different editions of The Secret Doctrine and additional information, such as referenced books, articles about SD, etc.

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