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vol. 1, p. 115
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)


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Are the Occultists to Capture Spiritualism

by Hudson Tuttle

There is fear expressed, by many, that the Occultists will capture Spiritualism and convert it into a grand Theosophical Society, proving all spirit-communion to be the gibbering of “elementary spirits.” Well, if it can, let it! A cause that needs rescuing and proping best to fall and have done with it. But is there ground for fear? Will the formulae of the old Thaumaturgists be mumbled in this century of science, and will the shades of goblins damned, be unchained by a magician's wand, and in articulate utterances to run his errands? If so, who will interpose? But will the spirits be thus made slaves? We say to these searchers after old treasures, bring them to the light as soon as possible. The rubbish will be blown away by the strong wind of investigation, and if you have any gold it will remain. Do not stand back telling us what has been done, and what you propose to do, but do it. Let Mr. Felt, condense his gases and evoke the elemental beings, and make this nineteenth century stare. That will end discussion. Or let Col. Olcott publicly prove the effacacy of his methods of controlling spirits. Seeing will be believing. Until then the great majority will prefer a living present to a dead past. They will prefer to gather around the family hearth and communicate wish the dear departed, through the avenue of modern mediumship, rather than the dark ways of Occultism. Spiritualism will be found to throw its golden streams through dead and dust covered Occultism, and to form its only vital portion. It has already made living all that is worth preserving, and so far from being captured it will in the end absorb the opposing system and prove it to be a chapter in its historic progress and an integral portion of its philosophy. Bring that chapter to the light. All that is true will remain, and no Spiritualist will regret it. But the error and dross will be blown back again into the dust-heap of the effete and dead.

Banner of Light

The People's Course at Paine Hall, Boston


Editor's notes

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  2. The People's Course at Paine Hall, Boston by unknown author, Banner of Light