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vol. 1, p. 125
H.P.Blavatsky Scrapbooks
from Adyar arhives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)
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Untitled. The pusillanimity of the men... <wanted>


Another Batch of Facts & Opinions from D. D. Home–Buguet, Leymarie, Eliphas Levi, etc. <wanted>


Did you have the best of them this time, O, manure, of the odoriferous “Angel World” on sweet mediumistic dung?.. I think not... Try again.

March 9, 1876
Oh the dirty ...
Oh the Year!!

Dr. Bloede, D.D.Home, Madame Blavatsky, and Col. Olcott.> <wanted>


March. 2. 1776

Soul not Spirit. <wanted>


# His “Spirit quides” have you see ordered him to real the memory of a poor, Honert. … not defend himself!! What kind of Spirit must they be!