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vol. 1, p. 127
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)


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< Cabalism (continued from page 1-126) >

He who can interpret this clavicle of Solomon has the key that will unlock all the sanctums of the east, and enable him to pass the threshold guarded by the two-edged sword, the symbol of the duality of nature and represented by the two pillars of the temple (Jachin and Boaz) the interlaced triangle, the cross, the caducean of Hermes, and many other symbols of the ancient schools of Occultism.

Cabalism is not Sophism, as many believe, but a science based upon the immutable laws of the universe, and can be as clearly and as practically demonstrated as any problem in Euclid. The unbeliever will naturally say, give us the proof. We answer by saying that it cannot be imparted—it must be acquired. How Is It, then, that the Neophite obtains the knowledge? It is by developing his subjective faculties. As he advances, wisdom flows in as atmospheric air flows into a vacuum chamber when the cork closing the orifice is withdrawn. The Neophite is only shown how the vacuum of his own mind may become filled with wisdom; it is for him to widen the orifice, that it may flow in. Just in proportion as the harmony between the objective and subjective faculties of the mind are established, will the truth of the Cabala bn obtained. Straight is the path, narrow is the way, few there are that find it. Why? Because they do not seek for it.


M. Leymarie & Mr. Home


Home's Crusade


H. S. Olcott

Which – the ... of the other? This is The question.

March 31, 1876.

Col. Olcott on a Relic from the Grave


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Editor's notes

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