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vol. 1, p. 167
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)
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< Leon Hyneman and Spiritualism (continued from page 1-166) >

ing the great loss of life, suffering, and attendant evils, the horizon is not yet clear that peace universal is to prevail; demoralization of every species and degree reigns rampant throughout the major part of the social system; human life appears to be of no value to many, and such is the manifest corruption prevalent everywhere that many believe the human kind are retrograding to a state of barbarism. But observant minds—those who have become indoctrinated with the teachings of the resusciated gospels the philosophy of pure Spiritism — are conscious that, in the divine order, progression upwards ever flows out of a corrupted and misdirected state or condition. Indeed, they have the evidence, notwithstanding the general depravity visible in every direction, that the moral force has actually more than maintained its status in the constant increase of those who become convinced of the truths of Spiritualism, and consequently live a better life, in view of coming into close rapport with loved ones passed on to spirit-life. The fact is not apparent to the immoral and corrupt, because they never give the subject their consideration; neither to the creedists, who oppose Spiritualism, and therefore are willfully oblivious to Its heavenward influences.

Mr. Hyneman has published and edited numerous other works of deeper importance perhaps to the specialist, but not one so truly valuable as this to general readers. We should all hope his little twenty-five cent pamphlet* will meet with the hearty success it merits.

* Published by D. M. Bennett, Science Hall, 141 Eighth Street, New York.

<Untitled> (flesh-pots of Egypt)


Scorn!!… Baptist Clergyman is thy name…


Pall Mall Budget. July 1876

<Untitled> (The school of sorcery has)


<Untitled> (where will be found a letter)


<Untitled> (Colonel Henry S. Olcott and)

Daily Graphic. Aug. 3


Ya, mother in law of Moses! What a sparkling wit!!


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