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vol. 1, p. 202
H. P. Blavatsky Scrapbooks
from Adyar arhives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)

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"Occultism" vs. Spiritualism
<continued from page 1-200>


The Kind-Hearted She-Elephant



Moral.–The above Teaches us What Home is Without a Mother ; also, that it is not every Person who should be intrusted with the Care of an Orphan Asylum. , or the spence of mediums...

<Crying elephant>
One of J. M. Roberts’ previous incarnations.. When trying to defend mediums it is thus that he proceeded and – crushes them beyond ..tion.

(№ 4 when leaf turned over)
One who know all about the sweet "Spiri... and it’s Summerland"" – for… she visited it ... and many a time, and oh!.. how lovely!!

Spiritus Mundi and Its Operations in Nature. No.1

<by Britten, E. H.>