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vol. 1, p. 36
H. P. Blavatsky Scrapbooks
from Adyar arhives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)

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Fraudus and Tests
<continued from page 1-35>

against all brutal tests and precautions; but I say now, and once for all, that any medium who will not consent to the adoption of such harmless but efficacious methods as will render his good-faith perfectly apparent, and seal the phenomena occurring in his presence with the stamp of genuineness, is, if not a swindler, at least of little value towards enlightening and correcting public opinion on this momentus question of spiritual intercourse.

Henry S. Olcott.

Love`S Sovereignty

<by Saxe, John G.>

Though Love loves well all things of outward grace
That poets praise and gentle ladies prize
Yet lives he not by favor of blue eyes,
Or black or brown, or aught that he may trace
In features faultless as the perfect face
Of Art’s ideal. No! his essence lies
Deep in the heart, not in its changing dyes
On lip and cheek. He has his dwelling-place
In the life’s life. As violets deck the May—
Which yet survives when these have passed away—
All lovely things are Love’s; but, ne’ertheless;
Health, youth, and beauty, though they serve him well,
Are but Love’s ministers; his sovereign spell
Lives, in his own immortal loveliness!

John G. Saxe.


<Untitled> (It is rumored that one or more Oriental Spiritualists)

<Spiritual Scientist, № 12>
May June 27 1875
<Published by C.J. - photo in "Golden Book", p.11 and in "Early History of the T.S.", Theos. of ... 1922>

It is rumored that one or more Oriental Spiritualists of high rank have just arrived in this country. They are said to possess a profound knowledge of the mysteries of illumination, and it is not impossible that they will establish relations with those whom we are accustomed to regard as the leaders in Spiritualistic affairs. If the report be true, their coming may be regarded as a great blessing; for after a quarter century of phenomena, we are almost without a philosophy to account for them or control their occurrence. Welcome to the Wise Men of the East, if they have really come to worship at the cradle of our new Truth.

A New Departure from Materialism

Charles Sotheran, Soc. Ros. Cruc., Author and Editor


From the N. Y. Graphic. May 4 1875

From the Other World

<by Olcott, H. S.>
<Reprinted from the N. Y. Graphic, May 4 1875>