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vol. 1, p. 63
H. P. Blavatsky Scrapbooks
from Adyar arhives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)

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Proselyters from India
<continued from page 1-62>


by Herbert D. Monachesi, F.T.S.#

# Our original programme is here clearly defined by Herbert Monachesi, F.T.S., one of the Founders. The Christian and Scientists must be made to respect their Indian betters. The Wisdom of India, her philosophy and achievement must be made known in Europe & America & the English be made to respect the natives of India & Tibet more than they do.

October 4, 1875

Col. Olcott answers The Banner

A Reply the Reverse of Equivocal
<by Olcott, H. S.>
<Spiritual Scientist>


An Orissa Brahmin
<Colorful leaves>

Letters from a Distinguished Occultist

A Voice of Warning
<by Pancoast, S. (Lux)>



S. Pancoast, Vice-Prest of the Theos. Society, at the time Pancoast is a theistic + Kabalist a great alchemist of Philadelphia