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vol. 1, p. 73
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)


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< Occultism (continued from page 1-72) >

Nature: we stand waiting at her portal, whilst one or two bold mystics venture to cross the spell-bound circle which has hitherto barred all mortal entrance. Let those who dare follow. God lives and rules and reigns. We who trust him need fear nothing which he has made, and hence it is for all his creatures, that incline to search the profoundest depths of his kingdom, to avail themselves of all the lights that science can give into the mystery of that creation, the study of which ultimates into faith in God; confidence in Immortality, and recognition of the eternal reign of truth, justice, and love.

and we re-echo the closing paragraph: —

I am a Spiritualist, whoever else may bear that name and disgrace it by acts of folly or unworthiness; and I am thankful to the bather of Spirits that he has showered upon us the light of a beneficent revealment where the hands of those whom we have known, loved, and trusted, bear the torches destined to light us into the sublime temple, where all shall behold for themselves the Isis unveiled, in all her perfection and divine beauty.

Soon we shall have the opinion of other writers, and as Channing truly says, “The more discussion the better, if passion and personality be eschewed; and discussion, even if stormy, often winnows truth from error—a good never to be expected in an uninquiring age.” Heretofore many of the minds in Spiritualism have found activity in the discussion of free-love and other “isms;” it soon became an encumbrance awakening bitter divisions and checking all progress. So we welcome the subject of Occultism, in the hope that it may teach us something worth knowing about the Cause that is so dear to our hearts. Truth comes from agitation, never from stagnation.

The Eddy Materializations

An Important Challenge to Skeptics, Whether Editors, Lawyers, Doctors, Magicians, Atheists, or Scientists
[To the Editor or the Daily Graphic.]

About the 21st of last December I left my home in New York and came to Chittenden, Vt., for the express purpose of investigating the Eddy materializations. When I left the city I was a confirmed skeptic in regard to every phase of physical manifestation. I stayed there fifteen days and attended twenty-one of Horatio and William Eddy’s seances for physical manifestations and materializations. During this time my mind underwent a complete change. It not only passed through the respective stages of conviction and conversion, but I became a positive believer, not only in the truths of Spiritualism, but in the indisputable fact that spirits can not only manifest themselves by moving physical bodies, but that they have the power to materialize so as to assume such physical forms as are seen and heard, felt and recognized by their friends. When I announced through the columns of the New York World my belief in the genuineness of the Eddy manifestations, I thought I understood my position well enough to know that I was speaking the truth. I still think that I did, but for doing so, the editor of the World says it made the “inconsequent Miller write himself down as an ass in legible characters.”

I have now just spent ten days more at the Eddy homestead investigating the subject. During this time I have attended about thirty seances. I now wish to put myself on record again as not only endorsing the genuineness of the Eddy manifestations, but as re-endorsing all that I said in regard to the subject. I re affirm what I said in that article in regard to the power mediums wculd soon have to control the press, and also assert that I believe the spirits will eventually cause every newspaper that does not acknowledge the truths of this science, to go into bankruptcy. This is a conflict between truth and falsehood, and I know that truth is bound to win in the end.

One man in the right and capable of maintaining his position, has more power than forty millions in the wrong. I know that I am right, and. what is more, I am so fortified in my position that there is no power on this earth to drive me out of it So taking the risk of being called any contemptible name that can be found in the English language, with the Holmeses and numerous other frauds distinctly before me, and with the unfortunate sequel of Robert Dale Owen’s record staring me in the face, I am yet willing to stake my reputation, my fortune, and my all on the genuineness of these mediums.

William and Horatio Eddy have been treated so shamefully by the public, that they will not submit to any further tests to satisfy the skepticism of any one. Neither money nor reputation, nor anything else can at present induce them to interest themselves further in the public. Like George Francis Train, they have become disgusted with the people, and have retired to private life, and have assumed a state of “chronic content.” I They know that they are right, that they have a great science developing, and they do not care whether any one knows it or not.

But I have found in their sister, Mrs. Mary Eddy Huntoon, a medium who is willing to be tested. I believe she is the best test medium in the world. She is willing to submit to any test any skeptic requires that does not inflict pain. I have had the opportunity since I came here to apply tests that have perfectly satisfied me that she is genuine, and if all the other mediums in the world prove to be false, I know she is not This medium has nearly all the different phases of physical manifestations, including materializing of hands, faces, and the entire body. She has promised me that she will come to New York, some time during the coming fall and winter months, and submit to tests both in private and in public. If the manifestations of this medium prove to be genuiue, it is but fair to assume that those of her brothers are genuine also, as I know them to be.

As Dr. George M. Beard, through your columns, has called the Eddys “liars and frauds,” I make to that gentleman the following proposition:


I will put $ 5.000 into the hands of George Francis Train, who is a skeptic to all forms of spiritual manifestations; or into those of Elder Frederic Evans, who believes in nearly every form of it: or into the hands of Peter Cooper, who believes in the Christian phase of it but not in the other; or into the hands of any honest person who may be agreed upon He shall put $ 5.000 into the hands of the same person A jury of six gentlemen and six ladies shall be chosen to test this medium. She will exhibit in their presence many of the different phases of spiritual manifestations, including materialization, and if a majority of this committee decides that her manifestations are produced by confederates, by personation of the medium by means of masks and secreted wardrobes, showing her to be a fraud, the money shall be his; if they do not do this the money shall be mine. I am willing to select from the gentlemen to act on this jury, Dr. Lewis A. Savre, the surgeon, as foreman; Dr. Austin Flint, Jr., the psychologist; Professor Youmans, the chemist: Rev. John Hall, the clergyman; Mr. Hart, the magician; and George Francis Train, who does not believe in a soul, a spirit, or a God. I believe that none of these gentlemen are believers in modern Spiritualism. Dr. Beard may choose the ladies, and those who are Spiritualists or not, as he pleases. I only request him to select those who are honest and well-known, and that one of them shall be a physician. The medium will go into any public hall, theatre, church, or private parlor in this city, that the jury may designate. She will furnish her own cabinet or they may furnish it for her. All that she requires is that it shall be so constructed as to make it perfectly dark, and large enough for three or four persons to sit in at once, to have a doorway 2—6x6 feet, over which can be hung a couple of darkened curtains. Inside the cabinet shall be nothing but a chair and such musical instruments as are required. She will give from one to half a dozen or more seances, as the jury may require, to test her satisfactorily.

Spirit hands, faces, and forms appear while this medium is in plain sight of the audience; sometimes two or three are seen at once. A violin is tuned and played upon while the medium is outside of the cabinet, and a whole band play when she is in the cabinet. Spirit-forms appear who are identified by persons investigating as their spirit-friends. It is simply miraculous what a variety of things are done through this medium.

If this challenge is not accepted by Dr. Beard, or something equivalent, or he does not publicly admit that he was mistaken in calling the Eddys liars and frauds, then he virtually admits that he was the liar and fraud, and we shall so publish him to the world. I await his reply through the columns of your paper.

As I design to have the question settled as to whom the “ignoramuses and asses” are on the subject of Spiritualism. I would say that if this offer is not accepted by Dr. Beard, it is open to the editor of the New York World, who calls me an <... continues on page 1-72 >

Editor's notes

  1. The Eddy Materializations by Miller, E. P., Spiritual Scientist, v. 3, No. 6, October 14, 1875, p. 71. The ending of the article is on previous page.