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vol. 2, p. 24
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 2 (January 1874 - April 1878)


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The next spirit was that of Mr. Zephirin Boudrenu, a French Canadian, who lived at Three Rivers, Canada East. He was about sixty years old at the time of his death. Mrs. C. Magnan of New York, his daughter, said: “ Is that you, papa ?” to which he replied, “ Out.” She then addressed him in French, and he answered, though faintly, in the same tongue.

Mrs. Lenzberg’s brother, a German, who has appeared several times since that lady's arrival here last Saturday, then appeared in his shirt sleeves, as usual, and conversed in German with his sister, her husband, and their daughter. He told them that he was going back to Hartford with them next week. Mrs. Lenzberg is a medium herself, and says she frequently sees her brother at her home in Hartford. Her daughter, who has been dead eight or nine years, and who appeared to be about ten years old, next came out. She spoke German.

The next apparition was that of Michalko Gueguidze, a Georgian. He was draped in a Georgian dress. He was recognized by Madam Blowtskey, a native of Russia, who has travelled and lived in many countries. She speaks several languages. Madam Blowtskey arrived here from New York several days ago. She speaks English well. She addressed the spirit in the Georgian language, a tongue that was not understood by any other person in the audience, calling him by name, and he replied by rapping, not being able to speak. Michalko had formerly been a servant in the Madam's family, and was killed on the street in 1869. The most interesting part of his performance remains to be given in the light seance.


The music, which is indispensable during a séance vocal or instrumental, had been most execrable during the entire circle. Mrs. Eaten, the leading female spirit, before the German appeared, said, “ A queer circle, isn’t it? I never held a worse one.” After the appearance of the last spirit, Mr. Brown, who is the leading male spirit, came to the cabinet door, merely pushing the curtain aside. He is so tall that he has to stoop when he comes entirely out. He said he hoped those who had not seen their spirit friends would see them, but he did not think they would see more than one, at the same time reflecting on the music. “ However,” said he, “ those who have not seen their friends should stand up, and those who are not able to stand up should talk.”

In fifteen or twenty minutes after Mr. ... left the cabinet, Mr. Horacio Eddy ennounced that a light seance would be held, he acting as medium. As described in another letter two ordinary blankets are used to curtain off the corner of the room, the medium sitting in the curtains. Mr. J. M. Peebles sat next to Mr. Eddy, his left arm bared to the elbow of Mr. Eddy grasping it with both his hands. Mrs. F. D. Strong sat on the left of Mr. Peebles, grasping his right hand with her left. These three formed the battery. Mr. Wm. Eddy stood on the stage, passing things back and forth.

Geo. Dix, the sailor boy, and Michalko Gueguidze, the Georgian boy, who has already been mentioned as playing a part in this seance, were the leading spirits.

Geo. Dix can always be recognized in the light seances by his left hand, the little finger of which is gone. He puts his hand out, and frequently one can see to his elbow, The hand of the Georgian boy was thrust out of the aperture formed by the two blankets, and Mme Blowtskey recognized it by a string of amber beads, facsimiles of which he wore when she knew him. She asked him in the Georgian language if he could give her a test of his identity. He said he could. He and Dix had been playing on the guitar and other instruments. She asked him to play the Lezquinka, a Georgian dance. He played it on the guitar, and Mme. Blowtskey says he did it to perfection. She then asked him for another dance and song in the same time, the Gourinka, which he played. He then played a Georgian national air, and was loudly applauded by the Madame, who is herself a musician.


After the music, writing on cards, and many other things had been gone through with, it was was announced that the ring test would be given. A large iron ring, strong enough to draw a loaded wagon, was thrown out and examined by those present. Mr. Eddy told the audience that the battery would have to be changed now, by Mr. Peebles grasping his (Mr. Eddy’s) right hand with his (Mr. Peebles’s) right hand, and his left with his left, thus forming a cross, he also explained that one side of him would become negative, the other positive ; one side cold as ice, the other naturally warm. Before this change takes place, however, he always goes into a trance. He would not be able to bear the pain were it otherwise. At the time the change takes place, one would think from his looks and actions that he would be literally torn in two. His body shakes as though it was being wrenched by machinary. At this juncture the ring was slipped around his arm and passed down over the clenched hands on to Mr. where in was seen by all. Mr. said that he held the medium’s hands as hardly as he could, and that he saw the hand that put the ring on Horatio’s arm, and knew that it was not Horation’s, “for,” he said jokingly, Horatio’s hands are dirty, while the hand of clean and white.” Mr. Eddy had been making fires, &c. (they have no servants and can keep none.) The ring cannot be put on first being sundered.

Spiritualism Under Test

Things are Often Accused of Cheating when they are Honest
Things are Often Accused of Cheating when they are Honest.
From the Banner of Light.

The medium was Dr. W. T. Church. We resembled at the residence of a Mr. Lincoln, and just before the hour for the seance to commence a couple of gentlemen (the “ Hardicourt Brothers ”) notorious for their opposition to anything of a spiritual origin, both of them professors of “ magic ” and “ legerdemain,” made their appearance and desired to be edmitted, provided the medium would consent to be tied by them.

Mr. Church received them In the kindest and most cordial way, and consented to foe secured in the following manner: Alter placing the Spectators in a semicircle, the medium took his position, seated in a chair half-way between the two ends, allowing the “ Professors” to tie a small “ tape line” tightly around his neck, the knot being securely sealed with fresh melted sealing wax, and permitting each one to hold one end of the same while seated at the extreme ends of the circle, which were near enough to the medium to enable them to touch him with their feet at any time ; a long cord was then tied around the waist of every gentleman and lady present ; the instruments upon which the spirits play were placed far out of the reach of the medium and the lights extinguished. In less than a moment the patter of little footsteps was heard around the room, and little “Jimmy,” an Indian child, talked audibly to us for some moments, delighting every one with bis most pungent wit and sparkling repartee, and placing his little hands upon the laps of nearly all present, the magicians, however, claiming, most of his attention.

After placing a small bell in the hands of one far remote from the medium, a light was instantly called for, and Mr. Church was found in the same position in which he was placed by the committee, everything intact, and the professors still holding the cord attached to his neck and looking the perfect picture of blank astonishment as their eyes wandered from one member of the circle to another, and to different parts of the room in search of wires and traps that are so necessary in their own profession.

After the most careful and rigid examination of the mediums’ fastenings, and malong the doors of the room doubly secure, the light was again extinguished, and almost instantly the giant form of the Indian “ Nimwaukee ” leaped upon the floor, jarring the whole building. and in almost thunder tones he stated that he would demostrate to us how physical mediums were sometimes unconsciously compromised and apparently exposed by lights being sprung upon them and they found standing in the floor freed from their fastenings, and apparently producing the manifestations.

He said that by a certain chemical process known only to themselves they could release a medium from any fastening, however intricate, and that it was sometimes necessary, in order to retain materiality sufficient to enable them to approach and touch those in the circle, that the medium should be drawn nearer to, the circle, and to do this they would release him unconsciously to himself and by the power of their will draw him nearer to themselves: and in doing so lights are often sprung upon them, and the poor medium being found upon the floor, though in an unconscious condition, is at once branded, eyed by those who should be his friends, as a charlatan or impostor.

To show to this circle that mediums are thus used, he stated that he would release Mr. Church from his fastenings without disturbing tape, knot, or seal, and that the committee of magicians holding the medium should not know when or how it was done, and in almost an instant a light was called for, and the medium found several feet from his chair, minus boots and coat, and the astonished Magi still holding the tape, and with protuding eyes gazing at the loop that had encircled the medium’s neck. Had a bombshell exploded near them they could not have looked more astonished and utterly dumbicunded. The medium, being entranced, waved his hand for them to again put out the light, which was instantly done, and in less than one light was again called for, and the tape again found tightly around the neck of the medium, precisely as it was first placed by the professors, and both of them declared that there was not the least perceptible motion of the cord during the whole time. Quiet again being restored and light extinguished, Lillie, a bright little spirit, and the most wonderful musical prodigy we have ever known, made her appearance, and with a small harmonica gyrating in every part of the room discoursed some of the most delicious music, which continued until the entire building seemed filled with waves of liquid melody, fresh fallen from the beautiful and starry dome of heaven.


John G. Reilly, Mrs. H. J. King, Ira Davenport, Mrs. Carrie Hazen, Mrs. Dr. Swain, Capt. W. D. Douglass, John Smith, Bros. John and Peter, Henry Candey, Mrs Sarah Lincoln, Jas. Rowley, Mr. – Plumbey, Mr. – Betters, Geo. Montiger, John Sealrach, Alex. Sell, Hardicourt, Mag…

Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1874

Editor's notes

  1. Spiritualism Under Test by unknown author. From the Banner of Light