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vol. 3, p. 141
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 3 (1875-1878)


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< Voluntary Trances (continued from page 3-140) >


Descent prophetic spirit ! that inspirest
The human soul of universal earth,
Dreaming of things to com ; and dost possess
A metropolitan temple in the hearts
Of mighty poets ; upon me bestow
A gift of genuine insight.


For dark and despairing my sight I may seal,
But man cannot cover what God would reveal.
’Tis the sunset of life gives me mystical lore,
And coming events cast their shadows before.


Such is the country over whose existence
The brooding shades of mortal doubt are cast ;
Such is the realm, that, dim with night and distance
Lies unexplored and vast.

But, when the morning comes, the spell is broken,
And like a dream the wondrous record seems ;
And memory holds the solitary token
Of the dim land of dreams.


An Amiable Fiend


An Important Question


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Editor's notes

  1. An Amiable Fiend by unknown author
  2. An Important Question by unknown author