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vol. 3, p. 169
from Adyar arhives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 3 (1875-1878)


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The past was but the preface to the story
In which the romance of our lives is wrought ;
The deeds that win imperishable glory
Live scarcely in our thought.

Photographing Invisible Objects


A Curios Case


... by spirit influence (?!!), was to make its ...


Minority Report


Alfred Russell Wallace on Immortality


  1. poem by unknown author
  2. Photographing Invisible Objects by unknown author. From the "Revue Spirite", of March
  3. A Curios Case by Langhorne S.W.; Rich C.; Cooper W.; Bowen S.B.; Chesnut Jas.D.
  4. Minority Report by Edwards, C.
  5. Alfred Russell Wallace on Immortality by unknown author. After "Wallace" HPB added "FTS"