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vol. 3, p. 233
from Adyar arhives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 3 (1875-1878)


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The Book of Gold (fragment)

Nor prudent virtues only ; rising thence,
It taught him faith and wise beneficence.

Window–Pane Spectres


Victim Number One


Channel Island Superstitions


The Napoleon Mirror


  1. The Book of Gold (fragment) by Trowbridge, John Townsend. Cut without title or author
  2. Window–Pane Spectres by unknown author. From Harbiinder of Light, Australia
  3. ornament by unknown author
  4. Victim Number One by unknown author
  5. Channel Island Superstitions by unknown author. From Harper`s Magazine
  6. The Napoleon Mirror by unknown author