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vol. 3, p. 260
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 3 (1875-1878)


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<Untitled> (Letter from Elbridge Gerry Brown to H. P. Blavatsky)

Mme. H. P. Blavatsky.

I have read your article in the Daily Graphic and am so much pleased with the statements therein, and the powerful refutations of Dr. Beard’s so-called ‘arguments,’ that I hasten to acknowledge to you, as editor of the Scientist, my gratitude for the service you have done Spiritualism in re-opening the eyes of the skeptical world.

Should you ever be in Boston, I beg that you will grant me permission, to call on you that I may learn more of the Eddy Family from one who has had so wonderful an experience and presents it in so interesting and attractive style.

I have taken the liberty, to send you a copy of the Scientist.

Hoping you will pardon my enthusiasm, which thus seeks expression, I have the honor to subscribe myself,

with respect,
truly yours

Gerry Brown.

9 Bromfield Street,

Editor's notes

  1. Letter from Elbridge Gerry Brown to H. P. Blavatsky by Brown, Elbridge Gerry, 9 Bromfield Street, Boston