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vol. 3, p. 34
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 3 (1875-1878)


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The Face of Man

Still lonely earth for highest beauty mourned,
Creation’s crown not yet her head adorned ;
Till from the dust lifted man’s face in light,
And cast o’er earth his godlike glance so bright.

Its whiteness lost the mountain snow ;
Dark down the hills morn’s rose sank low ;
The star which in day’s brow before
Had shown so fair, would shine no more ;

And bird and beast knelt lowly down,
Homage to pay creation’s crown.
Before those eyes, where love so bright
Beamed over earth Hope’s new-born light,

Dumb stood the angel-host and gazed
As these new orbs uplifted raised ;
While Heaven, to crown and seal his bliss,
Gave man’s pure brow its royal kiss.


Oh, face of man, pressed with your godlike seal,[2]
Which earth’s dim vail doth only half reveal,
Do you adorn alone this mortal isle,
Or through Eternity’s long while
Shall angels see your tear and smile ?

Yes, human face, with all thy mortal tears,
Thou shall forever, through the endless years,
Thy godlike smile backward and forward cast
While heaven shall live, angels or stars shall last.

Lydia M. Millard

Pulling for the Presidency

Liberty of the Press


Editor's notes

  1. The Face of Man by Millard, L. M.
  2. <This line is underlined by HPB and pointed to the picture to the right>
  3. Pulling for the Presidency by unknown author
  4. Liberty of the Press by unknown author. The ending is absent