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vol. 3, p. 75
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 3 (1875-1878)


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The Petrified, or Stone Man

Opinions of Scientists and Prominent Persons



The Governor's Mansion–Austin

The Love of God

Jehovah was the ancient name
By which God, as King and Lord,
Ruled o’er the earth ; with fire and flame
Came once his spoken word.
But Jesus taught a gentler name—
He who has brought you words of peace
Galled his name Father, soul of love,
Through whom all spirits find release.
Let ancient kingdoms have their lords,
Let kings and potentates appear
In all the ancient, sacred words ;
We choose the name by Christ made dear
Father—the God of light and love,
To whom as children we may turn,
For every gracious gift above,
Who will not any offerings spurn.

He breathes out o’er the entire world
His words of beauteous thought, unfurled
E’en like a banner o’er the sky ;
Be this thy token ever nigh,
That like the snowy white-winged dove,
Thy presence ever broodeth o’er ;
Thou givest us thy care and love,
We cannot ask thee, God, for more.

Yes, God is love ; the light that gleams
Within the aspiring eye of heaven,
Down through all darkness ever streams.
God’s love to every heart is given ;
No way so dark but it illumes
By its rich splendor all the way ;
No soul so low but it consumes
The dross and melts the frost away.

O blessed love, be thine the flame
That lights us where angels adore
O blessed Father, be thy name
The name we love for evermore.

The following poem was delivered by Mrs. Cora L. V. Tappan, at Brighton, Eng., while under control.–the subject being selected by the majority of the audience. The poem may therefore be considered as impromptu:and on! So sweet with the …iph Jehovah as the hero!

A case of alleged witchcraft


Assassination Night

The Greatest Tragedy in American History Reviewed–How Lincoln Met his Death

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Editor's notes

  1. The Petrified, or Stone Man by unknown author
  2. The Governor's Mansion–Austin by unknown author
  3. The Love of God by Tappan, Cora L. V.
  4. A case of alleged witchcraft by unknown author
  5. Assassination Night by Briggs, Emily Edson ("Olivia")