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vol. 4, p. 31
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 4 (1875-1878)


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< Cremation and Burial (continued from page 4-30) >


Dec-ber 8. 1876.

The Baron Dry Bones

Colonel Olcott Gathers Together the Ashes and Bones of Baron Von Palm and Forwards Them to New York



<Untitled> (The cremation of old De Palm's remains)

The cremation of old De Palm's remains at Washington, Penn., will attract little attention, in view of the horrible fact that nearly one hundred worthy people were killed and cremated in the Brooklyn Theater night before last.

Broiled Baron

De'Palm Decently Done

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Editor's notes

  1. The Baron Dry Bones by unknown author
  2. The cremation of old De Palm's remains by unknown author, Daily Enquirer, Thursday, December 7, 1876
  3. Broiled Baron by unknown author, Daily Enquirer