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vol. 5, p. 53
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 5 (1875-1878). Miscellaneous Scraps from January 1st 1878
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Transaction Collection.

<Untitled> (Transaction Collection)

A lawsuit for the claim for which land was claimed was awarded judgment (by Lower Court). On that (Judgment) appeal was recorded in the High Court.

Decree of the High Court: It is now clear that the disputants were also together with the respondents in applying to the Civil Authority for dividing of estate held in common. Some of the land had been cultivated by the disputants on lease from the respondents and rest of the land was purchased by them from the land owner. The collector has allocated the division of the estate. Hence this Court has no authority to change the same. We are of the opinion that the say of the sub judge as to the disputants having justness of the claim on the land in the lawsuit is not based on the law. Because if it is supposed that the estate is not in common and some portion of it was held with separately by some of the kinsmen, then also the Collector would not have distributed the estate if he had been sure and satisfied that the assessment of government levy on the same was just. The land in dispute was held together as has been applied by the applicants and was distributed on admonition by the Collector, and as the Collector had distributed (the estate) so the distribution was not done earlier is proved. The Privy Council has decided in the lawsuit Vaijanathlal v/s Ramadin Choudhari* that one of the common owners, the other <... continues on page 5-54 >

* Advocate’s Report, no.21, page 233

Supplement, Native Opinion dated 14th December 1879 AD.

This book is registered as per Act 20 of 1847 AD.



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<Untitled> (Mr. J. J. Morse has left London)


A Good Test Seance Relating to Materialised Spirit Drapery


Editor's notes

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  3. A Good Test Seance Relating to Materialised Spirit Drapery by unknown author. Without ending