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vol. 5, p. 56
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 5 (1875-1878). Miscellaneous Scraps from January 1st 1878


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Transaction Collection.

< The High Court of Bombay (continued from page 5-55) >

So, the decision of the High Court is hereby confirmed.

The High Court of Allahabad

Judgment Date: February 5 and 13, 1878
Before Hon. Justice Pearson
Chakravartini ... v/s ... Ramadheen and others

Penal Code of 1860 Act No. 45 Sections: 71, 146, 319, 323 – Multiple criminal offenses – Causing Riot and Battery.

Facts of the Case: The appellant prisoners (8 people) for some ulterior motive had a fight with 7 other inmates. Individuals from both parties got physically hurt in the fight. The lower court pronounced the appellants guilty under sections 147 and 323 of the penal code and gave them a sentence accordingly. The Sessions court upheld the decision of the lower court in the appeal. Now the matter is before this High Court.

Judgment of the Hon. High Court: The appellants have submitted the decision from Chakravartini v/s Kalachand (1) case but the said decision has considered rioting and battery have been considered as separate offences. Therefore there are separate punishments pronounced. Also Chakravartini versus Hargovind (2) is

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(1) Weekly Report, Case 7, Page 60

(2) High Court Report, Case Info. Article., 3, Page 174.

Editor's notes

  1. The High Court of Allahabad by unknown author. Translated from Marathi by Dhananjay Joshi. The High Court of Allahabad record in Marathi