HPB-SD(ed.1) v.1 p.1 st.3 sl.12

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The Secret Doctrine
The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy
by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Verbatim first edition
volume 1 Cosmogenesis, part 1 Cosmic Evolution, stanza 3 The Awakening of Kosmos, sloka 12
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conscious electricity.

STANZA III. — Continued.

12. Then Svâbhâvat sends Fohat to harden the atoms. Each (of these) is a part of the web (Universe). Reflecting the “ SelfExistent Lord ” (Primeval Light) like a mirror, each becomes in turn a world. * . . .

“ Fohat hardens the atoms ” ; i.e., by infusing energy into them : he scatters the atoms or primordial matter. “ He scatters himself while scattering matter into atoms ” (MSS. Commentaries.)

It is through Fohat that the ideas of the Universal Mind are impressed upon matter. Some faint idea of the nature of Fohat may be gathered from the appellation “ Cosmic Electricity ” sometimes applied to it ; but to the commonly known properties of electricity must, in this case, be added others, including intelligence. It is of interest to note that modern science has come to the conclusion, that all cerebration and brain-activity are attended by electrical phenomena. (For further details as to “ Fohat ” See Stanza V. and Comments.”)

* This is said in the sense that the flame from a fire is endless, and that the lights of the whole Universe could be lit at one simple rush-light without diminishing its flame.