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The Secret Doctrine
The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy
by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Verbatim first edition, 1888
volume 1 Cosmogenesis, part 1 Cosmic Evolution, stanza 4 The Septenary Hierarchies, sloka 5
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the secret doctrine.

STANZA IV. — Continued.
5. . . . . . which is : — 
“ Darkness,” the Boundless or the No-Number, Adi-Nidana Svâbhâvat : the Sd-circle.jpg (for x, unknown quantity) :
I. The Adi-Sanat, the Number, for he is One (a).
II. The Voice of the Word, Svâbhâvat, the Numbers, for he is One and Nine. *
III. The “ Formless Square.” (Arupa.) (b).
And these three enclosed within the Sd-circle.jpg (boundless circle), are the sacred four, and the ten are the Arupa (subjective, formless) Universe (c) ; then come the “ Sons,” the seven Fighters, the One, the eighth left out, and his Breath which is the Light-Maker (Bhâskara) (d).

(a) “ Adi-Sanat,” translated literally is the First or “ primeval ” ancient, which name identifies the Kabalistic “ Ancient of Days ” and the “ Holy Aged ” (Sephira and Adam Kadmon) with Brahmâ the Creator, called also Sanat among his other names and titles.

Svâbhâvat is the mystic Essence, the plastic root of physical Nature — “ Numbers ” when manifested ; the Number, in its Unity of Substance, on the highest plane. The name is of Buddhist use and a synonym for the four-fold Anima Mundi, the Kabalistic “ Archetypal World,” from whence proceed the “ Creative, Formative, and the

* Which makes ten, or the perfect number applied to the “ Creator,” the name given to the totality of the Creators blended by the Monotheists into One, as the “ Elohim,” Adam Kadmon or Sephira — the Crown — are the androgyne synthesis of the 10 Sephiroth, who stand for the symbol of the manifested Universe in the popularised Kabala. The esoteric Kabalists, however, following the Eastern Occultists, divide the upper Sephirothal triangle from the rest (or Sephira, Chochmah and Binah), which leaves seven Sephiroth. As for Svâbhâvat, the Orientalists explain the term as meaning the Universal plastic matter diffused through Space, with, perhaps, half an eye to the Ether of Science. But the Occultists identify it with “ father-mother ” on the mystic plane. (Vide supra.)

the ogdoad and heptad.

Material Worlds ” ; the Scintillæ or Sparks, — the various other worlds contained in the last three. The Worlds are all subject to Rulers or Regents — Rishis and Pitris with the Hindus, Angels with the Jews and Christians, Gods, with the Ancients in general.

(b) Sd-circle.jpg This means that the “ Boundless Circle ” (Zero) becomes a figure or number, only when one of the nine figures precedes it, and thus manifests its value and potency, the Word or Logos in union with voice and Spirit * (the expression and source of Consciousness) standing for the nine figures and thus forming, with the Cypher, the Decade which contains in itself all the Universe. The triad forms within the circle the Tetraktis or Sacred Four, the Square within the Circle being the most potent of all the magical figures.

(c) The “ One Rejected ” is the Sun of our system. The exoteric version may be found in the oldest Sanskrit Scriptures. In the Rig Veda, Aditi, “ The Boundless ” or infinite Space, translated by Mr. Max Müller, “ the visible infinite, visible by the naked eye (! !) ; the endless expanse beyond the Earth, beyond the clouds, beyond the sky,” is the equivalent of “ Mother-Space ” coeval with “ Darkness.” She is very properly called “ The Mother of the Gods,” Deva-Matri, as it is from her Cosmic matrix that all the heavenly bodies of our system were born — Sun and Planets. Thus she is described, allegorically, in this wise : “ Eight Sons were born from the body of Aditi ; she approached the gods with seven, but cast away the eighth, Mârttânda,” our sun. The seven sons called the Aditya are, cosmically or astronomically, the seven planets ; and the Sun being excluded from their number shows plainly that the Hindus may have known, and in fact knew of a seventh planet, without calling it Uranus. † But esoterically and theologically,

* “ In union with the Spirit and the Voice,” referring to the Abstract Thought and concrete Voice, or the manifestation thereof, the effect of the Cause. Adam Kadmon or Tetragrammaton is the Logos in the Kabala ; therefore this triad answers in the latter to the highest triangle of Kether, Chochmah and Binah, the last a female potency and at the same time the male Jehovah, as partaking of the nature of Chochmah, or the male Wisdom.

† The Secret Doctrine teaches that the Sun is a central Star and not a planet. Yet the Ancients knew of and worshipped seven great gods, excluding the Sun and Earth. Which was that “ Mystery God ” they set apart ? Of course not Uranus, discovered only by Herschel in 1781. But could it not be known by another name ? Says the

the secret doctrine.

so to say, the Adityas are, in their primitive most ancient meanings, the eight, and the twelve great gods of the Hindu Pantheon. “ The Seven allow the mortals to see their dwellings, but show themselves only to the Arhats,” says an old proverb, “ their dwellings ” standing here for planets. The ancient Commentary gives an allegory and explains it : — 

“ Eight houses were built by Mother. Eight houses for her Eight Divine sons ; four large and four small ones. Eight brilliant suns, according to their age and merits. Bal-ilu (Mârrtânda) was not satisfied, though his house was the largest. He began (to work) as the huge elephants do. He breathed (drew in) into his stomach the vital airs of his brothers. He sought to devour them. The larger four were far away ; far, on the margin of their kingdom. * They were not robbed (affected), and laughed. Do your worst, Sir, you cannot reach us, they said. But the smaller wept. They complained to the Mother. She exiled Bal-i-lu to the centre of her Kingdom, from whence he could not move. (Since then) he (only) watches and threatens. He pursues them, turning slowly around himself, they turning swiftly from him, and he following from afar the direction in which his brothers move on the path that encircles their houses. † From that day he feeds on the sweat of the Mothers body. He fills himself with her breath and refuse. Therefore, she rejected him.

Thus the “ rejected Son ” being our Sun, evidently, as shown above, the “ Sun-Sons ” refer not only to our planets but to the heavenly bodies in general. Himself only a reflection of the Central Spiritual Sun, Surya is the prototype of all those bodies that evolved after him. In the Vedas he is called Loka-Chakshuh, “ the Eye of the World ” (our

author of “ Maçonnerie Occulte ” : — “ Occult Sciences having discovered through astronomical calculations that the number of the planets must be seven, the ancients were led to introduce the Sun into the scale of the celestial harmonies, and make him occupy the vacant place. Thus, every time they perceived an influence that pertained to none of the six planets known, they attributed it to the Sun. The error only seems important, but was not so in practical results, if the ancient astrologers replaced Uranus by the Sun, which is a central Star relatively motionless, turning only on its axis and regulating time and measure ; and which cannot be turned aside from its true functions.”. . . . . . The nomenclature of the days of the week is thus faulty. “ The SunDay ought to be Uranus-day (Urani dies, Urandi),” adds the learned writer, Ragon.

* Planetary System.

† “ The Sun rotates on his axis always in the same direction in which the planets revolve in their respective orbits,” astronomy teaches us.

fire, the great symbol of deity.

planetary world), and he is one of the three chief deities. He is called indifferently the Son of Dyaus and of Aditi, because no distinction is made with reference to, or scope allowed for, the esoteric meaning. Thus he is depicted as drawn by seven horses, and by one horse with seven heads ; the former referring to his seven planets, the latter to their one common origin from the One Cosmic Element. This “ One Element ” is called figuratively “ Fire.” The Vedas (Aitareya-Brâhmana of Haug also ; p. i) teach “ that the fire verily is all the deities.” (Narada in Anugîtâ).

The meaning of the allegory is plain, for we have both the Dzyan Commentary and modern science to explain it, though the two differ in more than one particular. The Occult Doctrine rejects the hypothesis born out of the Nebular Theory, that the (seven) great planets have evolved from the Sun’s central mass, not of this our visible Sun, at any rate. The first condensation of Cosmic matter of course took place about a central nucleus, its parent Sun ; but our sun, it is taught, merely detached itself earlier than all the others, as the rotating mass contracted, and is their elder, bigger brother therefore, not their father. The eight Adityas, “ the gods,” are all formed from the eternal substance (Cometary matter * — the Mother) or the “ World-Stuff ” which is both the fifth and the sixth cosmic Principle, the Upadhi or basis of the Universal Soul, just as in man, the Microcosm, Manas † is the Upadhi of Buddhi. ‡

(d) There is a whole poem on the pregenetic battles fought by the growing planets before the final formation of Kosmos, thus accounting for the seemingly disturbed position of the systems of several planets, the plane of the satellites of some (of Neptune and Uranus, for instance, of which the ancients knew nothing, it is said) being tilted over, thus giving them an appearance of retrograde motion. These planets are called the warriors, the Architects, and are accepted by the

* This Essence of Cometary matter, Occult Science teaches, is totally different from any of the chemical or physical characteristics with which modern science is acquainted. It is homogeneous in its primitive form beyond the Solar Systems, and differentiates entirely once it crosses the boundaries of our Earth’s region, vitiated by the atmospheres of the planets and the already compound matter of the interplanetary stuff, heterogeneous only in our manifested world.

† Manas — the Mind-Principle, or the human Soul.

‡ Buddhi — the divine Soul.

the secret doctrine.

Roman Church as the leaders of the heavenly Hosts, thus showing the same traditions. Having evolved from Cosmic Space, and before the final formation of the primaries and the annulation of the planetary nebula, the Sun, we are taught, drew into the depths of its mass all the Cosmic vitality he could, threatening to engulf his weaker “ brothers ” before the law of attraction and repulsion was finally adjusted ; after which he began feeding on “ The Mother’s refuse and sweat ” ; in other words, on those portions of Ether (the “ breath of the Universal Soul ”) of the existence and constitution of which science is as yet absolutely ignorant. A theory of this kind having been propounded by Sir William Grove (see “ Correlation of the Physical Forces,” 1843, p. 81 ; and “ Address to the British Association, 1866 ”), who theorized that the systems “ are gradually changing by atmospheric additions or subtractions, or by accretions and diminutions arising from nebular substances ” . . . and again that “ the Sun may condense gaseous matter as it travels in Space and so heat may be produced ” — the archaic teaching seems scientific enough, even in this age. * Mr. W. Mattieu Williams suggested that the diffused matter or Ether which is the recipient of the heat radiations of the Universe is thereby drawn into the depths of the solar mass. Expelling thence the previously condensed and thermally exhausted Ether, it becomes compressed and gives up its heat, to be in turn itself driven out in a rarified and cooled state, to absorb a fresh supply of heat, which he supposes to be in this way taken up by the Ether, and again concentrated and redistributed by the Suns of the Universe. †

This is about as close an approximation to the Occult teachings as Science ever imagined ; for Occultism explains it by “ the dead breath ” given back by Mârttânda and his feeding on the “ sweat and refuse ” of “ Mother Space.” What could affect Neptune, ‡ Saturn and Jupiter,

* Very similar ideas in Mr. W. Mattieu Williams’ “ The Fuel of the Sun ; ” in Dr. C. William Siemens’ “ On the Conservation of Solar Energy ” (Nature, XXV., p. 440-444, March 9, 1882) ; and also in Dr. P. Martin Duncan’s “ Address of the President of the Geological Society,” London, May, 1877.

† See “ Comparative Geology,” by Alexander Winchell, LL.D., p. 56.

‡ When we speak of Neptune it is not as an Occultist but as a European. The true Eastern Occultist will maintain that, whereas there are many yet undiscovered planets in our system, Neptune does not belong to it, his apparent connection with our sun and the influence of the latter upon Neptune notwithstanding. This connection is mayavic, imaginary, they say.

the stellar “ sons of light.”

but little, would have killed such comparatively small “ Houses ” as Mercury, Venus and Mars. As Uranus was not known before the end of the eighteenth century, the name of the fourth planet mentioned in the allegory must remain to us, so far, a mystery.

The “ Breath ” of all the “ seven ” is said to be Bhâskara (lightmaking), because they (the planets) were all comets and suns in their origin. They evolve into Manvantaric life from primæval Chaos (now the noumenon of irresolvable nebulæ) by aggregation and accumulation of the primary differentiations of the eternal matter, according to the beautiful expression in the Commentary, “ Thus the Sons of Light clothed themselves in the fabric of Darkness.” They are called allegorically “ the Heavenly Snails,” on account of their (to us) formless intelligences inhabiting unseen their starry and planetary homes, and, so to speak, carrying them as the snails do along with themselves in their revolution. The doctrine of a common origin for all the heavenly bodies and planets, was, as we see, inculcated by the Archaic astronomers, before Kepler, Newton, Leibnitz, Kant, Herschel and Laplace. Heat (the Breath), attraction and repulsion — the three great factors of Motion — are the conditions under which all the members of all this primitive family are born, developed, and die, to be reborn after a “ Night of Brahmâ,” during which eternal matter relapses periodically into its primary undifferentiated state. The most attenuated gases can give no idea of its nature to the modern physicist. Centres of Forces at first, the invisible sparks of primordial atoms differentiate into molecules, and become Suns — passing gradually into objectivity — gaseous, radiant, cosmic, the one “ Whirlwind ” (or motion) finally giving the impulse to the form, and the initial motion, regulated and sustained by the never-resting Breaths — the Dhyan Chohans.