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A son of Dharma; and also a religious life of duty. As an adjective, “Fearless,” Abhaya is an epithet given to every Buddha.  +
One of the divisions of the Kerneter or infernal regions, or [[Amenti]] ; the word means the “Field of Peace”.  +
Six phenomenal (or “supernatural”) gifts which Sâkyamuni Buddha acquired in the night on which he reached Buddhaship. This is the “fourth” degree of Dhyâna (the seventh in esoteric teachings) which has to be attained by every true Arhat. In China, the initiated Buddhist ascetics reckon six such powers, but in Ceylon they reckon only five. The first Abhijñâ is Divyachakchus, the instantaneous view of anything one wills to see; the second, is Divyasrotra, the power of comprehending any sound whatever, etc., etc. <span style="color: grey; font-style: italic; border-bottom:1px dotted gray; cursor:help;" title="'Theosophical Glossary' by H.P.Blavatsky">(TG)</span>.  +
The elder brother of Moses and the first Initiate of the Hebrew Lawgiver. The name means the Illuminated, or the Enlightened. Aaron thus heads the line, or Hierarchy, of the initiated Nabim, or Seers.  +