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...follow in this connection  +
A Budget of Good News  +
Heroic Woman  +, A Card From The Countess Blavatsky  +
A Card to the American Public  +
A Challenge To Messrs. Robert Dale Owen and Dr. Child  +
A Greco-Russian Priest in his War-Paint  +
A Hindoo Shrine and Choultry  +
A Letter from Madame Blavatsky  +
A Letter from “Honesty”  +
A Message from Luxor  +
A Metaphysical Convict  +
A Most Astonishing Test–A Piano-Forte Lifted on an Egg without Crushing the Shell  +
A New Departure from Materialism  +
A Protest from Col. Olcott  +
A Word of Advice To The Singing Medium, Mr. Jesse Sheppard  +
A Word with Mr. Hazard  +
A few Questions to “Hiraf * * * * *”  +