Sinclair M - Letter to Zhelikhovsky VP (1891-09-02)

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Letter data
Author(s): Sinclair M.
Place: Vichy, Allier, France
Date: 1891-09-02
Language(s): French
Receiver(s): Zhelikhovsky V.P.
Person(s): Olcott H.S.
Summary and notes
Marie Sinclair is distressed that her previous letter to Vera Zhelikhovsky has gone astray, and promised to help her to collect some material for her request.
Location: GARF, items:
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 29
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 29об
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from: Sinclair M.
to: Zhelikhovsky V.P.
date: 1891-09-02

Hotel des Ambassadeurs
Vichy (Allier)
2 Sept 1891

Dear Madam –

I just received your second letter from 14-26 August – and I regret knowing that the letter which I wrote to you in reply to the first did not reach you. Colonel Olcott read it with me as he spoke with us the day before our departure, and he saw that it would have been impossible to do the necessary research to collect what you need – and as I promised you in my letter I will do it the first thing on my return to Paris, although I fear that except for what I wrote myself in the work I have kept nothing from what I read in the Paris newspapers, which are never flattering, nor even amicable for Foreigners who they hate especially when they are superior, as was your dear Loens whom I never cease to regret because I liked him. I am very happy that you have had the good idea to write the Biography. All to you very dear Madam,

Duchesse de Pomár

Original text in French

Hotel des Ambassadeurs
Vichy (Allier)
2 Sept 1891

Chère Madame –

Je viens de recevoir votre seconde lettre du 14-26 Aout – et je regrette de savoir que la lettre que je vous ai ecrite en reponse à la premiere ne vous est pas parvenue. Colonel Olcott la lis avec moi car il adressé avec nous le jour avant notre départ, et il a bien vu qu'il aurait été impossible de faire les recherches necessaires pour collectioner ce dont vous avez besoin – et comme je vous ai promis dans ma lettre je la forcie la premiere chose a mon retours à Paris, quoique je crains qu'excepté ce qu j'ai écris moi-meme dans l'oeuvre je n'ai riens gardé de ce que j'ai pu lire dans les journams de Paris, qui ne sont jamais flatteners, ni meme amiable pour les Etrangees qu'ils detestent surtout quand ils sont superieur, comme l'etait votre chere Loens que je ne cesse de regretter car je l'aimais bien. Je suis bien contente que vous avez la bonne idée d'écrire la Biographie toute a vous bien chère madame,

Duchesse de Pomár

Editor's note

Letterhead with family crest, address of 124, Avenue de Wagram, Paris, but overwritten with Vichy address.

Marie Sinclair is seems to have been writing quickly, omitting diacritical marks and punctuation. On the second page, the name Loens may be transcribed incorrectly, and the signature uses a name or title beginning with "D" that is not entirely clear, but is probably a variation of Duchesse.