Sinclair M - Letter to Zhelikhovsky VP (1892-04-23)

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Letter data
Author(s): Sinclair M.
Place: 124, Avenue de Wagram, Paris
Date: 1892-04-23
Language(s): English
Receiver(s): Zhelikhovsky V.P.
Place: Hotel Ironehet, Rue Ironehet, Paris
Summary and notes
Invitation for a visit, since both are in Paris at that time.
Location: GARF, items:
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 6
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 7
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 7об
Sinclair M - Zhelikhovsky VP, 1892-04-23, 1.jpg Sinclair M - Zhelikhovsky VP, 1892-04-23, 2.jpg Sinclair M - Zhelikhovsky VP, 1892-04-23, 3.jpg
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from: Sinclair M.
to: Zhelikhovsky V.P.
date: 1892-04-23

124 Avenue de Wagram
23 April 1892

Dear Madame Jelihovsky,

We arrived yesterday from Nice, where we have passed the winter as usual – and amongst a heap of letters awaiting me on my table I find your note of the 20th inst. I lose not a moment in writing to tell you that I have very great pleasure in seeing you and that you will find me at home any day at 3 o’clock – if you will send up your card by the Concierge – as otherwise they have orders not to receive – as I am too busy unpacking after my long absence. Looking forward to the pleasure of seeing you very soon I am dear Madame

Sincerely y[our]s

M Caithness de Pomár