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This style is to design paragraph in text. To highligt just several symbols use templates for symbol styles.

Use this template to place a footnote in any part of a text. It make sense if wiki page presents a text from a book and footnotes should be right where the page ends, rather then at the end of wiki page. This template should be used together with {{Footnote ends}}. See example below. To split the text on pages visually use template {{Page}}.


  • line above the footnote, 24% width of a screen
  • text has left margin 14px
  • font-size: 88%

To copy:

{{Footnote starts|}}

Example code:

Some text

{{Footnote starts|}}
'''1.''' Some footnote.

'''2.''' Another footnote.
{{Footnote ends}}


Some text

1. Some footnote.

2. Another footnote.