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This template creates link to the material in Teopedia Warehouse, which stores textual files, audio, video and images. It is a simplified copy of the original хт in Russian part.

! Important !:

  1. separator "|" sould be without spaces on both sides
  2. the spaces are allowed elsewhere in path, they will be replaces by space code "%20" automatically

To copy:



{tw|Path inside Teopedia Warehouse|Text to show|Hint to pop up}}

All three parameters can be omitted.

There are some shortcuts for the first parameter that could be used instead of long path:

  • {{tw|Judge eng||}}, {{tw|Judge rus||}} -- works by W.Q.Judge in English and Russian
  • {{tw|SD eng||}}, {{tw|SD rus||}} -- The Secret Doctrine by H.P.Blavatsky and various material refered to or by it, in English and Russian