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Term or name in sortable form A term without diacritical marks; for person – family name first; for titles – move article at the end after comma
Person (this term is a personal name).
Example 1: Blavatsky H. P.; Example 2: Sun, The
Regular form with diacritical marks and stress The same term with diacritical marks (if exist) and stress mark (if needed) in regular order of parts, i.e. articles first. Use "Special characters" menu in toolbar above
Example 1: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky; Example 2: The Sun
Some marks: Â â Ā ā Á á É é Í í Ó ó Ú ú Ý ý –
Origin Spelling on the original language and original meaning
Use template {{tip|}} for abbreviations (without dot), f.e.: {{tip|Sk}} returns: Sk.
Variations Different spellings (list separated by ";")
Transliterations Use first capital letters for proper names only, since there is a special meaning for capital letter in some transliteration systems (f.e. HK). 
HK Harvard-Kyoto spelling without diacritical marks SD, 1st ed. Spelling in The Secret Doctrine as in 1st edition of 1888. Adds term to Terms from SD if not empty»
IAST Spelling according to International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration SD, 3d ed. Spelling in The Secret Doctrine as in 3d edition of 1893. Adds term to Terms from SD if not empty»
Relationship and image
Categories (;) Separated by semi column (;)
For example: Buddhism, Christianity, Greek mythology, Hinduism, Kabbala, Philosophy, Theosophy
For persons it's better to point out an occupation: artist, historian, theosophist
Related terms (;)Some terms the one is connected with, list separated by ";"
Especially those in the description
File Upload file

Description There will be a lifetime (if pointed) added right below the image and this description will be placed after that.

Description Description of a term, the article itself
Use [[term]] for links to other terms. Category «Terms from TG» consist of terms from Theosophical Glossary. Use template {{etg-source}} to denote the source of information, f.e.: {{etg-source|TG}} for Theosophical Glossary article.
Period of existence (lifetime)
Start - end dates For persons they are birth and death dates. Format: YYYY-MM-DD (Year-Month-Day). -
Approximate Use only if exact dates are not known

Teopedia (;) list of Teopedia pages separated by ";"
Articles in Russian
Internet (;) list of external Internet resources separated by ";"
Other [URL1 text1]; [URL2 text2]