Grachev PS - Letter to Thakur-Sahib (1890-03-14)

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Letter data
Author(s): Grachev P.S.
Place: Kungur, Russia
Date: 1890-03-14
Language(s): Russian
Receiver(s): Thakur-Sahib
Person(s): Blavatsky H.P.
Other: From the Caves and Wilds of Hindustan
Summary and notes
One of readers (P. S. Grachev) of From the Caves writes to its main character (Thakur-Sahib) with request to accept him as a student.
Location: GARF, items:
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 25а
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 25а об
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 26
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 26об-27
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 27об
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 28
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from: Grachev P.S.
to: Thakur-Sahib
date: 1890-03-14

Dear Thakur-Sahib,

Thanks to Mrs. Blavatskaya (Raddha-Bai) and her letters From the Caves and Wilds of Hindustan, I learned about the existence of the sublime world of Raj-Yogis and became convinced of those extraordinary gifts that they acquire in pursuit of higher spiritual goals.

Rereading these letters several times today and understanding them for myself (especially the places with your precepts), I gradually turned from a complete materialist into a believer and, having paid attention to my sinful life, I realized that I was following the wrong path.

Having realized this and discovered the true purpose of life, I tried to start my reformation and for this I made several small experiments, which seem to be successfully continuing to this day.

But feeling my inexperience in the further formation of my will, I dare to ask you to be my guide from the depths of India spiritually, and even occasionally indicate the path to goodness and truth through a spiritual conversation.

The thought of this method of communication was given to me by the incident described by Mrs. Blavatsky, where you freely spoke with one Lord of England at the distance of several thousand miles, being each in his own room.

Declaring my firm belief in such powers of the Raj-Yogis, one of the representatives of which you are, Thakur-Sahib, I beg you for a similar condescension to me, since I personally do not have the opportunity to come closer to you.

The mere awareness of your spiritual presence will increase my moral strength in the struggle with myself.

I do not write here anything else about my life, because you yourself can directly and immediately have a clearer idea of what I am and whether I deserve what I am asking now.

If you do not find it possible to honour my request, then convincingly I ask you to reply about such impossibility in a letter indicating in it the reasons why this request is paid no attention to, so that I can then eliminate unfavorable circumstances if they depend on me.

The reply (if possible – in Russian) please address to Russia, the city of Kungur, Perm province, Pavel S. Grachev, L. V. Grachev’s house.

Expressing my deepest respect, I once again implore the Great Yogi to show his condescension to the great sinner and give him the opportunity to start another more reasonable life.

Pavel Grachev
March 2/14, 1890