Thought of the day:

Will is the offspring of the Divine, the God in man; Desire, the motive power of the animal life.

“Will and Desire”, “Lucifer”, № 2, p .96

Teopedia (greek θεος - god; παιδεία — study) - the theosophical encyclopedia, build from works of different thinkers, who follow the theosophical ideology, which is widely spread by The Theosophical Society and other theosophical organizations and individuals.

The following are available to read online:

  • H. P. Blavatsky's Scrapbooks from Adyar archives, with scan copies of pages themselves and full text online on some of them.
  • Gems from the East by H.P.Blavatsky with quote resources information and links to original texts.
  • The Secret Doctrine references is a list of works referenced in The Secret Doctrine with some extra information for each and with hyperlinks to read original text online or to download that book in PDF file.
  • Modern Theosophical Thought -- articles translated from Russian theosophical e-magazine.

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