Letters concerning Blavatsky HP

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Date Sender Receiver Summary
1892-06-05 Baissac J. Zhelikhovsky V.P. Objection on claim on humiliation of H. P. Blavatsky
1891-07-16 Besant A. Zhelikhovsky V.P. About H. S. Olcott as a sole executer & residuary legatee of HPB, her will about gold medal and Olcott's assent to give away some little personal effects of HPB to V. P. Zhelikhovsky.
1892-07-08 Besant A. Zhelikhovsky V.P. About some pamphlet and photo sent to V. P. Zhelikhovsky, V.P.Zh.'s publication at Mme. Adams and issue of "Nightmare Tales".
1892-07-16 Besant A. Zhelikhovsky V.P. About damage of "Nightmare Tales" during delivery to V. P. Zhelikhovsky, authorship of "Polar Lands" wrongly assigned to HPB and bad translation of "Why I became a Theosophist" into French.
1893-08-05 Besant A. Zhelikhovsky V.P. Annie Besant thanks V.P.Zh. for received photo, books, and papers; writes about her visit and defense of HPB at Psychical Research Society and about affairs of Countess Wachtmeister and her son. Letterhead with TS emblem, no address or organization.
1887-02-17 Blavatsky H.P. Skinner J.R. Some explanations on the Secret Doctine
1890-03-14 Grachev P.S. Thakur-Sahib One of readers (P. S. Grachev) of From the Caves writes to its main character (Thakur-Sahib) with request to accept him as a student.
1886-05-09 Grossul-Tolstoy P.L. Blavatsky H.P. P. L. Grossul-Tolstoy shares his views on the emergence and development of Judaism and Christianity.
1874-11-14 Brown E.G. Blavatsky H.P. E. G. Brown express his gratitude HPB for her article about G. Beard in the "Daily Graphic".
1886-07-31 Olcott H.S. Zhelikhovsky V.P. About damage done by V. S. Solovyov. Henry Olcott assures Vera of total loyalty to her sister, H. P. Blavatsky.
1892-05-23 Olcott H.S. Zhelikhovsky V.P. Olcott writes about various matters related to publication projects and the estate of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. He seeks affirmation from Vera that she does not object to the publication of basic details about H.P.B.’s brief marriage to Michael Betanelly.
1892-06-20 Olcott H.S. Zhelikhovsky V.P. Olcott has been trying to determine Vera’s wishes about publication of the details surrounding the second marriage of her sister Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Since their correspondence has been ineffective, he explains his decision to publish the facts of the marriage as the most prudent course of action, even though Blavatsky’s family may experience some embarrassment.
1886-10-03 Pott G. Blavatsky H.P. G. Pott is apologizing for not returning a borrowed book (while he/she was in Ostend) and trying to find out whether the book had been forwarded to HPB from London.
1891-11-16 Sinclair M. Zhelikhovsky V.P. Marie Sinclair is providing an account of communications with Madame Blavatsky between the latter’s death and her cremation.
1884-09-10 Solovyov V.S. unknown Transcribed letter by Vsevolod Solovyov about his visit to HPB at Elberfeld. Transcriber's notes in Russian.
1892-01-18 Wachtmeister C. Zhelikhovsky V.P. About the letters of sympathy that were arriving following H. P. Blavatsky’s death in 1891, and on her contributions to the world.
1891-07-16 Zorn G.A. Blavatsky H.P.