Olcott HS - Letter to Zhelikhovsky VP (1886-07-31)

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Letter data
Author(s): Olcott H.S.
Place: Adyar, India
Date: 1886-07-31
Language(s): English
Receiver(s): Zhelikhovsky V.P.
Person(s): Blavatsky H.P.; Solovyov V.S.
Summary and notes
About damage done by V. S. Solovyov. Henry Olcott assures Vera of total loyalty to her sister, H. P. Blavatsky.
Location: GARF, items:
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 13
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 13об-14
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 12
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from: Olcott H.S.
to: Zhelikhovsky V.P.
date: 1886-07-31

Adyar 31 July ‘86

Dear Madame Jelihovsky,

I thank you very much for taking the trouble to send me your assurance that you had read Russian original of H.P.B.’s letter to Solovief, as I can now authoritatively deny the false stories about its contents, sent here from Paris. These rumors came in the form of positive allegations from persons who had read what now appears to have been a garbled translation of the letter; and while I rejoice to know our sister did not use the dreadful expressions attributed to her, you ought hardly to blame me for credulity when the testimony was so explicit. Mr. Solovief, who was so ready to charge me with disloyalty to H.P.B., and whose shameless innuendos she repeated to me more than once, as though they carried at least enough weight to put me upon my defence – is now exposed as a man capable of deliberate falsification of a letter to injure a person who had incurred his enmity. I think you and your family will find that, among the friends who come and go about your Sister, I, despite my rough candor and often severe chidings, will prove, as none of them will prove, faithful to the death. And perhaps the next proof of my loyalty is my readiness to tell her the truth to her face. Though I would be willing to give my life to save hers, if that should seem my duty, I shall never without protest see her doing what is likely to bring disaster upon her or our cause. She is a great, but a most impetuous personage.

Begging you to kindly convey my respectful regards to Madame Fadeef

I am

Yours faithfully

H. Olcott

Editor's note

There is a text appear through the page 14: “Madame Jelihovsky”, which was wrote on the other side.

There is a leaflet goes together with this letter, which could be clipped with this and other papers from H. S. Olcott. It says in French: "Lettres du Colonel Olcott" (Letters of Colonel Olcott).