Besant A - Letter to Zhelikhovsky VP (1891-07-16)

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Letter data
Author(s): Besant A.
Place: 19, Avenue Road, Regent's Park, London, N.W.
Date: 1891-07-16
Language(s): English
Receiver(s): Zhelikhovsky V.P.
Person(s): Blavatsky H.P.; Olcott H.S.; Wachtmeister C.
Concerns: Blavatsky H.P.
Summary and notes
About H. S. Olcott as a sole executer & residuary legatee of HPB, her will about gold medal and Olcott's assent to give away some little personal effects of HPB to V. P. Zhelikhovsky.
Location: GARF, items:
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 8
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 8об
Besant A - Zhelikhovsky VP, 1891-07-16, 1.jpg Besant A - Zhelikhovsky VP, 1891-07-16, 2.jpg
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from: Besant A.
to: Zhelikhovsky V.P.
date: 1891-07-16

Theosophical Society
19, Avenue Road
Regent's Park
London, N.W.
July 16, 1891

Dear Mme. Jelihovsky,

I waited for Colonel Olcott’s arrival before answering your letter to the Countess, because he telegraphed to me that he was bringing with him your sister's will. This will she made in India was never destroyed, & constitutes him sole executer & residuary legatee. This gives him complete authority. He has also a written paper signed by her, in which she directs him to give the gold medal that she wore as brooch to a friend she names. So I can do nothing in the matter. Colonel Olcott has assented to what I did in letting the little personal effects be taken away by you. I am glad no difficulty will arise as to this.

With kind regards

Annie Besant