Wachtmeister C - Letter to Zhelikhovsky VP (1892-01-18)

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Letter data
Author(s): Wachtmeister C.
Date: 1892-01-18
Language(s): English
Receiver(s): Zhelikhovsky V.P.
Person(s): Blavatsky H.P.
Summary and notes
About the letters of sympathy that were arriving following H. P. Blavatsky’s death in 1891, and on her contributions to the world.
Location: GARF, items:
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 21
Ф. Р-5972. Оп. 1. Д. 79. Л. 21об
Wachtmeister С - Zhelikhovsky VP, 1892-01-18, 1.jpg Wachtmeister С - Zhelikhovsky VP, 1892-01-18, 2.jpg
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from: Wachtmeister C.
to: Zhelikhovsky V.P.
date: 1892-01-18

6 Ludwig Strasse
18th January

Dear Madame,

I forward enclosed letters from Mr. Sinnett which he sent to Mme Blavatsky for inspection.

I have taken the liberty to try and render his letter more intelligible by dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s.

Letters of sympathy and affection to Mme Blavatsky come to us from all sides from true hearted Theosophists. The Duchesse de Pomar has written most beautifully on this subject after first giving extracts from the letters from French Theosophists protesting loudly against the vile slander launched against her, she proceeds by saying “that Mme B. has devoted 10 years of her life to the Theosophical Cause, that she has given her money, her time, her labour, that she has created a rapprochement between the East & the West, that she has introduced a new current of thought into the minds of the world at large, that she has caused people to dive down into the beauties & truths contained in Eastern literature. That though Max Müller & others have written on these subjects also, their books would only have been read by a few Scientists had it not been for “Isis,” “Esoteric Buddhism” & the "Theosophist", but now these books have a wide range & peoples minds are becoming clearer & more elevated above all. This is the work of one woman! & now to crush the Theosophical Society the enemy traduce and slander the Founder of this Society by saying that her phenomena are frauds and that she is a Russian spy two untruths eagerly believed in by the British Public.

Ever yrs sincerely,

C. Wachtmeister

[Note by V.P.Zhelikhovsky in Russian]

I answer to Count[ess] Wachtmeister just the same as to Mayers and Sinnett.

Original note in old Russian

Граф.[ине] Вахтмейстер я отвҍчаю тоже что Майерсу и Синнету

Editor's note

Some underline highlighting could be made by V. P. Zhelikhovsky and some by C. Wachtmeister.

A. P. Sinnett truly did not dot his i’s and cross his t’s, so Countess Wachtmeister literally corrected his writing.