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This template will add pop-up tip for given word or abbreviations.




{{tip|Text to show|Pop-up message}}

The second parameter is optional. If absent the default pop-up message will appear. Default values are:

Alch → Alchemical
Arab → Arabic
Assyr → Assyrian
Celtic → Celtic
Chald → Chaldean
Chin → Chinese
Copt → Coptic
Eg → Egyptian
Esot → Esoteric
Fr → French
Germ → German
Gn, Gnost → Gnostic
Gr → Greek
Heb → Hebrew
Hind → Hindu
IAST → International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration
Iceland → Icelandic
Irish → Irish
Jap → Japanese
Kab → Kabbalah
Kolarian → Kolarian tribe in India
Lat → Latin
Mazd → Mazdaism or Zoroastrianism
Mex → Mexican
Mong, Mongol → Mongolian
Mys, Mystic → Mysticism
Occ, Occult → Occultist
Pali → Pali language
Pers → Persian
Peruv → Peruvian
Phoen → Phoenician
Prakrit → Ancient Indian dialects
Quiché → Guatelamalan; Popol Vuh
Ros → Rosicrucian
Rus, Russ → Russian
Saxon → Saxon
Scand → Scandinavian
Secret Doctrine, SD → 'The Secret Doctrine' by H. P. Blavatsky
Septuag → Septuagint, earliest extant Greek translation of the Old Testament from the original Hebrew
Sing → Singhalese
Sk → Sanskrit
Slavon → Slavonian
Syr → Syrian
Tah → Tahitian
Tam → Tamil
Tib → Tibetan
Vulgate → Vulgate, Latin translation of the Bible
Zend → Zend-Avasta
Zohar → 'Zohar' commentaries,


It was said in {{tip|SD}} that...

  • Result: It was said in SD that...

It was said in {{tip2|SD|See Blavatsky H.P. "The Secret Doctrine" (1888)}} that...

  • Result: It was said in SD that...

See also

  • Theosophy.Wiki for more information on abbreviations in The Secret Doctrine.