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This category contains pages and categories of H.P. Blavatsky Scrapbooks.

Rules for page and file names (changable parts made bold):

- Volume -- volume number
- Page -- page number in the volume
for example: SB-01-019.jpg

- Image -- image number; numbering order: from upper left corner to lower right, following columns, if there are
for example: SB-01-066-1.png

  • SB-Volume-Page-note-Number.png -- image of handwriting note, edited for better reading; placed in «HPB Scrapbooks notes» category
- Number -- note number on this page; numbering order as for images
for example: ''SB-01-110-note-1.jpg

Original source for Scrapbooks could be in differend format. Files placed in «HPB Scrapbooks sources» category.

Single pages:

  • SB-Volume-Page-source-Number.png -- one page image
- Number -- note number on this page; numbering order as for images
for example: SB-01-080-source-1.png

Multipage PDF files of books and periodicals could be named differently, but it is better to follow the following patterns:

  • for the books: Name - Title.pdf
- Name -- author's name if sequence: Last Name, Initials, f.e.: Blavatsky H.P.
- Title -- title of the book
for example:

  • for the periodicals: Title - Number - Date.pdf
- Title -- the name of the periodical, where article (if exist) placed at the end, f.e.: Spiritual scientist, The. The specification could be added in round brackets if needed, f.e.: Spiritualist, The (London)
- Number -- issue number
- Date -- issue date
for example: Spiritualist, The (London) No.179 1876-01-28.pdf


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