Blavatsky H.P. Collected Writings (contents)

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Boris de Zirkoff in his «H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings» refers to HPB Scrapbook very often and gives some usefull additional information sometimes. The table below provides full tables of contents for HPB CW with hyper-links to the text and, also providing the link to referenced HPB SB page.

«H. P. Blavatsky Collected Writings» by B. Zirkoff
VOLUME I (1874-1878)
[H.P.B’s Scrapbooks] (29)
Marvellous Spirit Manifestations (30-36) 1:5
About Spiritualism (36-44) 1:6
From Scrapbook Vol. I pp. 7-8 (44) 1:7
From Scrapbook Vol. I p. 8 (45) 1:8
Elbridge Gerry Brown (45-46) 3:259
Madame Blavatsky (46-49)
[H.P.B’s Role at the Eddy’s Homestead] (53-54) 1:11-12
Heroic Women (54-55) 1:17
A Card from the Countess Blavatsky (55-56) 1:17
The Philadelphia “Fiasco,” or Who is Who? (56-72) 1:19-21
From Scrapbook Vol. I, p. 21 (72) 1:21
Important Note (73) 1:20 inlay
[H.P.B. and the Term “Spiritualism”] (74)
Who Fabricates? (75-83) 1:23-24
[H.P.B’s Lawsuit in America] (83-85)
Important to Spiritualists (85-87) 1:29, 30
A Budget of Good News (88-90) 1:27
From Scrapbook Vol. I p. 36 (90) 1:36
[Compiler’s Note Concerning Prof. N.P.Wagner] (90)
To the Spiritualists of Boston (91) 3:147
A Word of Advice to the Singing Medium, Mr. Jesse Sheppard (92-93) 1:37-8, 3:111
A Card to the American Public (94) 1:37
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p. 58 (94) 1:58
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p. 39 (95) 1:39
[The “Hiraf” Club and its Historical Background] (95-100)
A Few Questions to “Hiraf * * *” (101-119) 1:41-5, 3:241-5
“What are you Going to Do About it?” (119-120) 1:45
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p. 47 (120) 1:47
[Formation of the Theosophical Society] (121-124)
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.57 (124-125) 1:57
From Madame H.P. Blavatsky to her Correspondents (126-133) 1:59
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.63 (133) 1:63
The Science of Magic (134-143)
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.67 (143) 1:67
A Letter from Madame Blavatsky (143-144)
The Magical Evocation of Apollonius of Tyana (144-150)
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, pp. 77-79 (150)
An Unsolved Mystery (151-162)
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, pp. 98-99 (162)
A Story of the Mystical (163) (reprinted in 1883 as Can the Double Murder?)
The Luminous Circle (177-186)
Madame Blavatsky Explains (186-192)
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.111 (192-193) 1:111
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.112 (193) 1:112
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.113 (193-194) 1:113
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.116 (194) 1:116
A Crisis for Spiritualism (194-203)
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.124 (203-204) 1:124
The Russian Investigation (204-210)
“Psychophobia” in Russia (210-211)
Mediums, Beware! (212-213)
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.154 (214) 1:154
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, pp.155-56 (214) 1:155
The Russian Scientists (215-220)
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, pp.164-65 (220) 1:164
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.185 (220-221) 1:185
(New) York Against Lankester (221-225) 1:180
Huxley and Slade: Who is More Guilty of “False Pretencies”? (226-233) 1:187-188
From Scrapbook, Vol. II, p.119 (233)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p.35 (233)
Concerning Gods and Interviews (237-238)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p.54 (238)
Madame Blavatsky Protests (238-241)
Madame Blavatsky on Fakirs (241-245)
To the Public (245-246)
A Card from Madame Blavatsky (247-249)
Buddhism in America (249-252)
Croquet at Windsor (253-254)
Turkish Barbarities (255-260)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p.79 (260)
Washing the Disciples’ Feet (261) 4:79
The Jews in Russia (262-263) 4:78
[Isis Unveiled] (264)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p.83 (264)
“Elementaries” (265-271)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p.95 (271)
From Scrapbook, Vol. I, p.70 and Vol. VII, p. 46 (271)
Dr. Carpenter, on “Tree-Trickery” and H. P. Blavattsky on Fakir-“Jugglery” (272-277)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p.108 (277)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p.125 (278)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p.140 (278)
[H.P.B. and her Masonic Diploma] (281, belongs in 1878 ? [TdH])
[H.P.B. Corrects an Error about Elementals] (281)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p. 163 (282)
Kabalistic Views on “Spirits” as Propagated by the Theosophical Society (283-289)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, pp. 164-65 (289-290)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, pp. 169-72 (290)
Madame Blavatsky on the Views of the Theosophists (290-300)
A Society without a Dogma (301-306)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p. 176 (306)
The Author of “Isis Unveiled” Defends the Validity of her Masonic Patent (307-312)
[H.P.B.’s Writings in the Russian Language] (313)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, p. 243 (313)
Dr. Slade’s Final Triumph (314-318)
From Scrapbook, Vol. IV, pp. 184-85 (319)
The Knout (319-325)
Madame Blavatsky on Indian Metaphysics (325-337)
From Scrapbook, Vol. VII, pp.56-57 (337)
The Cave of the Echoes (338-353)
“Isis Unveiled” and the Todas (353)
The Todas (354-359)
Footnotes to “The Scientific Hypothesis Respecting Mediumistic Phenomena” (359-360)
Fragments de Madame Blavatsky (361-364)
Fragments from Madame Blavatsky (365-368)
The Akhund of Swat (369-375)
The Theosophical Society: Its Origin, Plan and Aims (375-378)
From Scrapbook, Vol. VII, pp. 113-14 (378)
The Ârya Samâj (379-384)
Science (384-385)
Letter to the Editor of the “Tiflis Messenger” (385-389)
From Scrapbook, Vol. VIII, p. 252 (389-390)
Letter to the Editor of “L’Opinione Nazionale” (And English Translantion thereof) (390-392)
Parting Words from Madame Blavatksy (393-395)
La Véritable Madame H. P. Blavatksy (396-399)
The Real Madame H. P. Blavatksy (400-403)
From Scrapbook, Vol. VII, p. 258 (404)
From Scrapbook, Vol. VII, p. 306 (404)
From Scrapbook, Vol. V, pp. 77-79 (404-405)
From Scrapbook, Vol. V, p. 81 (405)
The Diaries of H.P. Blavatsky (406-434)
Compiler’s Notes on the Diaries (434-440)
VOLUME II (1879-1880)
Idées Incorrectes sur les Doctrines des Théosophes (3-13)
Erroneous Ideas concerning the Doctrines of the Theosophists (14-24)
The Indian “Public” and Theosophy (24-27)
The Retort Courteous (27-29)
Madame Blavatsky (30)
Magic (31-39)
Madame Blavatsky (40-41)
Harichandra Chintamon (41-43)
Buddhist Priests and the Title “Reverend” (43-46)
[On the Infallibility of the Jewish Scriptures] (46-48)
The Theosophists and their Opponents (48-53)
Letter to the Editor of the “Indu Prakash” (54)
Madame Blavatsky (55)
Réponse Définitive d’une Théosophe à M. Rossi de Justiniani (56-61)
Final Reply of a Theosophist to Mr. Rossi de Justiniani (62-67)
Echoes from India (68-80)
[H.P.B. on the Monsoon] (81-82)
[The Founding of “The Theosophist”] (83-84)
Namastae (84-86)
What is Theosophy? (87-97)
What Are the Theosophists? (98-106)
The Drift of Western Spiritualism (107-110)
Antiquity of the Vedas (110-116)
Footnotes to “The Autobiography of Dayananda Saraswati Swami” (117-122)
Persian Zoroastrianism and Russian Vandalism (122-130)
“The Light of Asia” (130-135)
The Magnetic Chain (135-136)
Spiritualism at Simla (136)
Buddhistic Exegesis (138-140)
A Thunder Cloud with Silver Lining (140-143)
Cross and Fire (143-149)
War in Olympus (149-159)
Footnotes to “The Brahmachâri Bâwa” (160)
Miscellaneous Notes (161)
[From the Caves and Jungles of India] (161)
Christmas Then and Christmas Now (162-167)
The Popular Idea of Soul-Survival (168-179)
“Lieutenant-Colonel St. Anthony” (180-181)
Footnote to “A Strange Revery” (181)
An Old Book and a New One (182-191)
Nocturnal Thoughts on Newspaper Clippings (192-198)
Miscellaneous Notes (198-200)
A Letter to the Editor of the “Banner of Light” (200-201)
Lettre de Madame Blavatsky—“Dé couverte du Docteur Rotura (202-205)
Letter of Madame Blavatsky—Dr. Rotura’s Discover (205-208)
Theosophy—the Essence of Philosophy and Science (208-211)
Introductory Note to “Yoga Philosophy” (215)
Editor’s Closing Note to “Brahma, Iswara, and Maya” (216)
Footnotes to “The Life of Sankaracharya, Philosopher and Mystic” (217-219)
The Ensouled Violin (219-228)
The Ensouled Violin (longer version) (229-258)
Editor’s Note to “Swami versus Missionary” (258)
Editor’s Note to “Nature-Worship” (259-260)
Miscellaneous Notes (260-263)
Armenians (263-266)
Lo! The “Poor Missionary” (267-271)
Footnote to “An Indian Aethrobat” (272-273)
Footnotes to “Indra” (273-274)
A Great Light under a Bushel (274-289)
Editor’s Note to “A Mussulman Abdal (Yogi)” (290)
Miscellaneous Notes (291-293)
Letter from India (293-302)
Comments on “Swami versus Missionary” (302)
A Land of Mystery (303-338)
Appendix by the Compiler (339-343)
Which First—the Egg or the Bird? (344-345)
Cup-Mark Inscriptions (346-349)
Miscellaneous Notes (349-351)
The History of a “Book” (351-361)
Missionaries Militant (362-365)
The Silent Brother (366-377)
Note to “Radiant Matter” (377)
The State of Christianity (377-382)
Footnote to “Kaliya Mardana” (382)
“A Personal Statement of Religious Belief” (383-388)
Cock-and-Bull (388-390)
Miscellaneous Notes (390)
Compiler’s Notes (391)
Journalist versus Missionary (392-393)
Footnote to “Puzzles for the Philologists” (394)
A Case of Obsession (395-400)
Mr. Whitworth’s Gauntlet (401)
Madame Blavatsky and her Opinions (402-404)
A People’s Monthly (404-406)
The Christian Art of War (407-408)
The Number Seven (408-414)
Miscellaneous Notes (414-415)
The Theosophists at Maligawa (416-417)
The Theory of Cycles (418-426)
Our Second Year (426-429)
“Spirit” Pranks Intra Caucasus (429-430)
Notes on “A Land of Mystery” (431-435)
[The Bewitched Mirror] (435-436)
Sobs, Sods and Posies (436-437)
Introductory Note to “Rahatship” (438)
Comments on “The Theosophists in Ceylon” (439-440)
Miscellaneous Notes (441)
Closing Note to “Address of the President of the Ionian Theosophical Branch at Corfu” (442-443)
Footnote to “Nanga Bâbâ of Gwalior” (443-444)
Russian Superstitions (444-446)
The Decadence of Protestant Christianity (446-447)
Stone-Throwing by “Spirits” (448)
The Number Seven and Our Society (448-453)
Comments on “A Treatise on the Yoga Philosophy” (453-473)
Miscellaneous Notes (473-475)
Madame Blavatsky on The Theosophical Society at Bombay (475-478)
[H.P. Blavatsky and Edward Wimbridge] (479-481)
A Letter to the Editor of the “Bombay Review” (481-483)
The Pralaya of Modern Science (483-486)
[On Rahatship] (487-488)
Occult Phenomena (489-492)
Qu’est-ce que la Théosophie? (493-500)
What is Theosophy? (500-507)
[Sir Richard Temple and our Society] (507-509)
Pranks of “Spirits” among Laymen (509-510)
Miscellaneous Notes (510-511)
A French View of Women’s Rights (512-517)
VOLUME III (1881-1882)
A Year of Theosophy (1-8)
Miscellaneous Notes (8-9)
A Word with our Friends (10-13)
Transcendental Physics (14-20)
Electric and Magnetic Affinities between Man and Nature (21-26)
Questions Answered about Yoga-Vidya (26-30)
Another Distinguished Fellow (30-35)
Hindustani Domestic Remedies (36-38)
The Missing Link (38-42)
Hypnotism (42-44)
Miscellaneous Notes (45)
The Study of Russian by Indian Officers (46-49)
The Leaven of Theosophy (50-54)
Closing Note to “Spiritual Miracles” (54)
The Brahmo Samaj (55-60)
The Brahmo Leader and Yoginism (60-61)
Footnotes to “Cosmogony and Anthropology” (61-64)
The Signs of the Time (64-69)
The Alleged Real Meaning of Educational Missions in India (69-70)
The New Vimâna (70-71)
Miscellaneous Notes (72-74)
A Russian “Symposium” (75-77)
Madame Blavatsky (78-81)
A Berlin Mare’s Nest (81-83)
The Year 1881 (84-85)
Comment on “Yakshni” (85)
A Columnar Meteor (86)
Railway and Other Vandals (87-88)
New York Buddhists (88-92)
Nature’s Human Magnets (92-102)
An Archaeological Drink (102-103)
Notes to “Radiant Heat, Musical Vapours, and Fairy Bells” (103-104)
A Hindu Professor’s Views on Indian Yoga (104-108)
Logic versus Peripatetic (109-115)
The Most Ancient of Christian Orders (115-118)
Note to “The Bishop’s Manifesto” (119-120)
The Year 1881 (120-121)
The Assassination of the Czar (121-125)
Count de Saint-Germain (125-129)
An Important Biblical Error (130-131)
A False “Witness” (131-138)
Comment on “A Hindu Story of Reincarnation” (139)
Human Life at High Altitudes (140-141)
Footnotes to “True Religion Defined” (141-142)
A “Medium” Wanted (142-146)
Ancient Doctrines Vindicated by Modern Prophecy (147-151)
Miscellaneous Notes (151-154)
The State of Russia (155-162)
The State of Russia (162-170)
Compiler’s Note (170)
A Psychic Warning (171-174)
Apollonius Tyanaeus (174-175)
Lamas and Druses (175-189)
Native Astrologers (190-192)
Stars and Numbers (192-203)
“Praise Him with the Timbrel and Dance” (203-206)
Miscellaneous Notes (207)
Amous Publication (207-209)
Footnotes to “A Suicide’s After-State” (210-211)
A Letter from Surb Ohannes (211-218)
Footnotes to “The Five-Pointed Star” (219-221)
A Reply to our Critics (221-226)
Science, Phenomena and the Press (227-233)
The Evidence of Science (233-238)
“The Scientific Basis of Spiritualism” (239-240)
Footnotes to “The Work of the Theosophical Society” (240-242)
Editor’s Note to “The Hindu Sabha (242-243)
Canonization of a New Saint (243-244)
Stone-Showers (244-248)
Spotless Murderers (248-249)
The Five-Pointed Star (250-254)
Miscellaneous Notes (255-259)
The British Theosophical Society (260)
Miscellaneous Notes (261)
Madame Blavatsky on “The Himalayan Brothers” (262-268)
Footnotes to “Iamblichos: A Treatise on the Mysteries” (269-270)
The Claims of Occultism” (271-275)
Miracles (275-281)
Comments on “Strange Apparitions” (282-284)
Miscellaneous Notes (285)
Footnotes to “The New Dispensation Dissected” (286-287)
Stray Thoughts on Death and Satan (287-300)
Miscellaneous Notes (301-303)
Footnotes to “Who are the Aryas and the Buddhists?” (303-304)
Current Events (305-306)
“The Theosophist” and Pandit Shraddha Ram (306-307)
“The Theosophist” and Arya-Samajist (308-311)
From Scrapbook, Vol. XI, Part II, pp. 410-12 (311-312)
The Six-pointed and Five-Pointed Stars (312-323)
The Grand Inquisitor (324-325)
Footnotes to “The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac” (325-327)
The Bright Spot of Light (327-328)
Miscellaneous Notes (329-330)
Dayanand Saraswati and his followers (331-332)
Western “Adepts” and Eastern Theosophists (332-343)
[Spiritualism and the Christian Churches] (344-346)
The Banner of Light (346-347)
Footnote to “The Church Congress and Spiritualism” (347)
Superstition (348-355)
“The Theosophist” and Hindu Pantheism (355-359)
Trance Mediums and “Historical” Visions (359-365)
“We will not Quarrel but simply Argue” (365-366)
What is “A Fact”? (367-371)
Hazy Notions (371-374)
Weird Phenomena (375-376)
Is Creation Possible for Man? (377-380)
Editor’s Note to “The Theosophists” (381-385)
Miscellaneous Notes (386)
“The Knight without Reproach or Fear” (387-389)
A Letter from Madame Blavatsky (390)
“Is it Idle to Argue Further?” (391-395)
Esoteric Axioms and Spiritual Speculations (396-399)
The Aryan-Arhat Esoteric Tenets on the Sevenfold Principle in Man (400-418)
Editorial Appendix on the Above (418-424)
Footnotes to “Lakshmibai” (424-426)
The Universe in a Nutshell (427-432)
Are Dreams but Idle Visions? (434-438)
On “Theosophism” in India (439)
A Personal Explanation (440-448)
Zoroaster in “History” and Zarathustra in the Secret Records (449-468)
Spiritualism and Occult Truth (468-476)
“Nature-Spirits and Elementals” (476-478)
In Desperate Straits (489-483)
Footnote to “The Pisacha-Dancers” (483)
“A Book of the Beginnings (483-486)
Footnote to “A Flash of Light upon Occult Freemasonry” (487)
A Conjurer among the Spiritualists (488-489)
Madame Blavatsky’s Reply to Mr. Joseph Cook (489-491)
VOLUME IV (1882-1883)
A Needed Explanation (1-2)
The Hermetic Brethren (3-5)
Buddhist Morals (6-8)
Reincarnation in Tibet (8-19)
Koot-Hoomi in Australia (19)
Which the Truth, and Which a Lie? (20-22)
Correct Definitions and Incorrect Insinuations (22-26)
Strange Manifestations (27)
Whipped into Admission (28-31)
Miscellaneous Notes (32-33)
The “Rast Goftar” in Hot Water (33-34)
Doomed! (34-42)
Answers to Correspondents (42-43)
Mr. “Joseph Wallace” (44-50)
The Present Great Need of a Metaphysico-Spiritual Vocabulary (51-54)
A Sad Lookout (54-55)
Masons and Jesuits (55-60)
[Spirit-Photographs] (60-65)
“The Arya” (65-68)
A Theological Snob (68-71)
Another “Orthodox” Prosecution! (71-76)
“A Faithful ‘Witness’ will not Lie” (76-83)
Mr. William Eglinton’s Departure from India (83-87)
Obituary (87-88)
Milk for Babes and Strong Meat for Men (88-91)
“The Philosophic Inquirer” (92)
The Theosophical Society and Swami Dayanand (93-94)
We Stand Corrected (94-95)
A “Light” Shining in Darkness (95-98)
Footnotes to “The Philosophy of Spirit” (99-101)
Footnotes to “Mediums and Yogis” (101-102)
Comment on “More Anecdotes of Hassan Khan Jinni” (103)
Footnote to “Theosophy during the First Phase of Modern Philosophy” (104)
“Psychê” (104-105)
Pert Questions and Plain Answers (105-107)
Hindu Theism (108-111)
“A Friend in Need, A Friend Indeed” (111-112)
The Magic of Science (112)
Friendly Chastisement (113-118)
Seeming “Discrepancies” (119-122)
Trance-Speakers (122-124)
Footnote to “Bhagavad-Gita” (124)
Footnote to “Another Hindu Stone-Shower Medium” (125)
Comments on “A Friendly Remonstrance” (125-127)
[“The Arya”] (127)
Madame Blavatsky on Hindu Widow-Marriage (128-129)
The New Society for Psychical Research (130-132)
Coming Events Foretold (132-137)
Is Belief in Omens a Superstition? (137)
A Storm in a Teacup (138-141)
Spiritualistic Morals in London (142-143)
Comments on “Experimental Studies on the Nervous Fluid” (144-145)
“The Fellow Worker” (145-146)
“A Truth-Seeker Around the World” (146-148)
An “Honest” Enquiry into the Aims of our Society (148-149)
The “Political” Side of Theosophy (150-152)
The “Veda of the Buddhists”! (153-154)
Singing Animalcules (154-155)
Sympathy from the Founders of the Theosophical Society (155-157)
Our Fourth Year (158-159)
Footnotes to “A Cis-Tibetan Ramble” (160-161)
Footnote to “A Treatise on Sufism” (162)
“Tharana,” or Mesmerism (162-166)
Footnote to “Prof. L. Beale, F.R.S., on Modern Scientific Thought” (167)
Comment on “The Mystery of Levitation” (167-169)
Theosophy and Spiritualism (169-170)
Questions about Esoteric Theosophy Answered (170-171)
“The Philosophic Inquirer” (171-174)
Stone-Showers (174-175)
Comments on “A Learned Brahman Spirit”! (175-176)
The Harmonics of Smell (177-179)
Visions in the Crystal (180-181)
“Isis Unveiled” and “The Theosophist” on Reincarnation (182-186)
The So-Called Theosophical Society at Ghazipore (187-188)
Footnote to “Letters on Esoteric Theosophy” (188-189)
“The Perfect Way” (189-190)
In Re “Busiris” (190-191)
Footnotes to “The Philosophy of Spirit” (191-193)
Footnotes to “Puzzling Queries” (193-195)
Reviews (196-204)
Is Electricity Matter or Force? (205-208)
What is Matter and What is Force? (208-226)
“C.C.M.” and “Isis Unveiled” (226-228)
A Protest (229-230)
Sympathy of Madame Blavatsky for Mr. Charles Bradlaugh (230-231)
The Origin of the Gospels and the Bishop of Bombay (232-242)
Footnote to “Theosophy and the Avesta” (242-243)
Was it “Spirits” or What? (243-250)
Death and Immortality (250-256)
Is Suicide a Crime? (257-261)
Footnotes to “Gleanings from Éliphas Lévi” (262-266)
Footnote to “The Three Grades of Ancient Theosophists” (266)
The “Contradictions of the Bible” and the Rawalpindi Mission School (267-268)
“The Arya” and its “Outstation” Correspondence (269-272)
Occult and Spiritual Phenomena in the Light of Modern Science (272-276)
The Freethinkers’ “Salvation Army” (277-280)
The Poor Brutes (281-282)
Comments on “The Utterances of Ramalingam Pillay (282-284)
Note on “Time, Space, and Eternity” (284-285)
A Freethinker in Palestine (285-286)
“Proceedings” of the Society for Psychical Research (286-287)
[H.P.B. on the Cheops Pyramid] (287)
A Mysterious Race (287-290)
Footnotes to “Gleanings from Éliphas Lévi” (290-291)
A Spectral Warning (292-293)
Comment on “Curious Mediumistic Phenomena” (293-294)
Comment on “The Perfect Way” (295-296)
The Rationale of Fasts (296-297)
[On Spirit and Matter] (297-298)
Occult Acoustics (298)
Footnote to “Indian Agricultural Reform” (299)
Introductory Note to “Spiritualistic Black Magic” (300)
Footnote to “Is Suicide a Crime?” (301)
Horoscopes and Astrology (301-303)
Footnote to “Atoms, Molecules, and Ether Waves” (303)
Mistaken Notions (304-306)
The Bugbears of Science (307-325)
From Keshub to Maestro Wagner via the Salvation Camp (325-336)
Footnote to “Is Brahmoism True Hinduism?” (337)
Footnote to “Self-Contradictions of the Bible” (338)
Footnote to “Paracelsus” (338-339)
“Mr. Isaacs” (339-344)
Miscellaneous Notes (344)
Sir Richard and Theosophy Again (345-347)
The Sacred Tree of Kumbum (347-351)
Sham Asceticism (351-352)
Under the Shadow of Great Names (352-353)
Comments on “The ‘Blessing’ of the Brothers” (354-355)
Comment on “An Excellent Magic Mirror” (356-357)
A Word with the Theosophists (357-358)
A Word with “Zero” (358-365)
Footnote to “Mr. Isaacs” (365)
Do the Rishis Exist? (365-367)
The Travelling Truthseeker (368-370)
The Gospel of the Future or the “Revelation” of (St.) Keshub (370-374)
Old and New Methods (374-378)
Footnote to “Theosophy and Miracles” (379)
The Power to Heal (380-386)
By “Bell, Book, and Candle” (387-391)
Pickings from our Contemporaries (391-394)
A Heavy Curse (394-395)
Whence the Name “Lunatic”? (396-398)
Retrogression in Rebirth (398-399)
[On Nadi Granthams] (399-400)
To the “Dissatisfied” (400-401)
The Buddhist Movement in England (402-404)
Footnotes to “Medical Magnetism and the Healer Magnetic” (40-405)
The Chosen “Vessels of Election” (405-420)
Footnotes to “Zoroaster and his Religion” (420-421)
Visishtadvaita Philosophy (422-426)
Theosophy and Religious Riots (427-438)
The Magic of the New Dispensation (439-443)
Devachan (443-445)
The Seventeen-Rayed Sun-Disk (445-447)
Do the Rishis Exist? (447-448)
Comment on “Another ‘Spiritual’ Puzzle” (448-449)
Parabrahm, Defined by Vedantins (450-451)
The Religion of the Future (451-453)
Dragged in Again! (453-455)
The Trinity of Righteousness (456-463)
Miscellaneous Notes (463)
Col. Olcott’s Wonderful Success (464-465)
[Mrs. Anandabai Joshi, F.T.S.] (465-466)
[The Arya Samaj and the Theosophical Society] (467)
The Shylocks of Lahore (467-478)
Compiler’s Note (479-482)
Rectifications Relatives à la Controverse sur l’Occultisme (482-484)
Corrections Concerning the Controversy on Occultism (485-487)
Electroscope and “Astral Doubles” (488-489)
Will (490-492)
Footnotes to “Esoteric Spiritualism, the Law of ‘Influx’ and ‘Efflux’” (492-493)
A Few Thoughts on Some Wise Words from a Wise Man (493-503)
Editor’s Note to “Should Men Cut their Hair?” (503)
The Efficacy of Funeral Ceremonies (504-508)
Gambetta’s Eye and Brain (509-511)
Swami Dayanand — a Freethinker (511-512)
Zoroastrianism in the Light of Occult Philosophy (513-543)
Footnote to “The Tantras” (534)
Footnotes to “Visishtadvaita Philosophy” (535-537)
Cosmical Rings and Rounds (538-540)
Explanation Wanted (540-542)
Pertinent Questions (542-544)
Editor’s Note to “Psychometry and Archaeology” (545)
A Levy of Arms Against Theosophy (546-554)
“The Soul of Things” (554-557)
Footnotes to “Hierosophy and Theosophy” (557-560)
The Almora Swami (560-563)
Footnotes to “The Swami of Almora to his Opponents” (563-569)
Karma (570-573)
“Esoteric Buddhism” (573-574)
The Septenary Principle in Esotericism (574-582)
Spirit Identity and Recent Speculations (583-598)
From Theosophy to Shakespeare (599-602)
Footnotes to “The Status of Jesus” (603-604)
Note to “Under the Shadow of Great Names” (604-605)
The prince convert (605)
Chelas and Lay Chelas (606-614)
Note to “A Description of the Tantrik Mystic Rites and Ceremonies Known as ‘Savasadhana’” (615)
VOLUME V (1883)
June - December, 1883
Explications Relatives a la Controverse Sur L’Occultisme (1-4)
Explanations Relatives to the Controversy (4-6)
Théosophie et Spiritisme (6-35)
Theosophy and Spiritism (36-65)
“Oppressed Widowhood” in America (65-67)
Our Fifth Year (67-69)
Devachan: Western Stricture and Eastern Version (DWSEV): Memorandum (70-73)
DWSEV : The Real and the Unreal (74-81)
DWSEV : Dream Life (81-88)
DWSEV : The Various States of Devachan (88-94)
The Essentials of Religion (95-100)
A Human Storage Battery (101-103)
Funeral Rites Among Savage Races (104)
The Teachings of Allan Kardec (105-106)
Is Foeticide a Crime? (106-108)
Editor’s Note to “Efficacy of Funeral Ceremonies” (108)
Transmigration of the Life-Atoms (109-117)
Miscellaneous Notes (117)
A Final Answer (118-121)
H. P. B. and Freeethought (Letter dated August 16, 1883; first published in August, 1931) (122-125)
Our New Branches (125-127)
Miscellaneous Notes (128)
Introductory Remarks by the Compiler (129-138)
Some Inquiries Suggested by Mr. Sinnett’s “Esoteric Buddhism” (139-142)
Reply to an English F. T. S. (143-150)
Do the Adepts Deny the Nebular Theory? (150-155)
Is the Sun Merely A Cooling Mass? (155-163)
Are the Great Nations to be Swept Away in an Hour? (163-171)
Is the Moon Immersed in Matter? (171)
About the Mineral Monad (171-175)
Sri Sankaracharya’s Date and Doctrine (By T. Subba Row) (176-197)
“Historical Difficulty”—Why? (198-210)
Leaflets from the Esoteric History (211-226)
Philological and Archaeological “Difficulties” (227-241)
Sakya Muni’s Place in History (241-259)
Inscriptions Discovered by General A. Cunningham (by T. Subba Row) (259-262)
Compiler’s Notes (263-275)
The Khabar (276-277)
The Theosophists (277-279)
Footnote to “Of the Serpent Python and the Pythonesses throughout the Ages” (279-280)
Genteel Beggars (280-283)
Editor’s Note to “A Story of Thirty Years Ago” (283-284)
Editor’s Note to “What is Sauce for the Goose, is not Sauce for a Gander” (284-285)
Professor Huxley and “Isis Unveiled” (285-286)
The Final Result of the Savage Attack of the Roman Catholics on the Buddhists at Colombo (286-287)
Footnote to “Reason and Intuition” (287)
Miscellaneous Notes (288)
Footnotes to “An Enviable Disincarnation” (288-289)
Projection of the Double (289-293)
Introductory Note to “Life Of Giordano Bruno” (293-294)
Was Writing Known Before Pânini? (294-310)
Pindams at Gya (310-313)
Arne Saknussemm (313-314)
An Appeal for the Redemption of the Poor Pariahs (314-315)
“Impressions From the Infinite” (316-317)
A Plea for a Personal God (317-320)
The Lawn-Tennis School of Critics (321-323)
Miscellaneous Notes (324)
Paying the Way (325-327)
The Buddhists and Government (328)
“Esoteric Buddhism” and its Critic (329-334)
Morality and Pantheism (335-341)
The “St. James’ Gazette” and “Esoteric Buddhism” (342-349)
The Rev. W. Hastie’s Karma and the Progress of Poesy in Bengal (350-351)
A Christian Minister on Theosophy (351-357)
The Ionian Theosophical Society (358)
VOLUME VI (1883-1885)
Have we to Lower the Flag of Truce? (1-5)
Footnote to “Discrimination of Spirit and Not-Spirit” (5-6)
Editor’s Note to “The Bhattah Mirrors” (6-8)
The God-Idea (8-13)
Footnotes to “Yoga and Kalpa” (13-15)
Adepts and Politics (15-20)
Footnote to “Psycho-Physiological Notes” (20)
Comment on “The Himalayan Brothers-Do They Exist?” (21-32)
Buddhism before Buddha (32-33)
Queries from Australia (33-36)
Existence of the Himalayan Mahatmas (37-40)
The “Puranas” on the Dynasties of the Moryas and the Koothoomi (40-42)
Rain-Stopping Brahmans (42-43)
Wart-Charming (43-45)
“Moral Education” By Prof. Buchanan (45-48)
The Death of a Great Man (48-53)
Important Notice (53-55)
The Saracens of Theosophy and the MadrasCrusaders (55-66)
Ananda Bai Joshi’s Reception (66-68)
A Psychological Phenomenon (69-71)
Miscellaneous Notes (71-73)
From a Letter to the Editor of “Rebus” (73)
Letter to the Editor of “The Epiphany” (74)
Ma Derniere Maderniere (75-85)
My Final Word (85-93)
Tibetan Teachings (94-113) [SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER, 1894.]
Premature and Phenomenal Growths (114-117)
“Precipitation” (118-123)
Some Scientific Questions Answered [October, 1883.] (123-126)
Posthumous Visitor (127-129)
Editor’s Note to “The Miraculous Beard and the Monks of St. Stephano of Vienna” (130-131)
Footnotes Appended to Subba Row’s Reply to the Circular Letter of Dr. Anna B. Kingsford and Edward Maitland to the London Lodge (131-135)
Introversion of Mental Vision (135-138)
What Scientific Russia Knows of Ceylon (1138-139)
Editor’s Note to “Spirit Guardianship, or What?” (139-141)
Victims of Words (141-143)
Footnotes to “The Sibyl, Ancient and Modern” (143-144)
Archaeological Difficulties (144-146)
The “Bhagavad-Gita” and “Esoteric Buddhism” (146-148)
The Theosophists and Irenaeus (148-155)
Miscellaneous Notes (155-158)
From a Letter of an Old Friend and theosophist (158-160)
A Lapsus Calami (161)
Mr. Moncure Conway (161-163)
Divination by the Laurel Cubes (163-164)
The Oxonians and Theosophy Again (164-166)
The Neutrality of the Senate House (166-168)
Footnotes to “Notes on Modern Egyptian Theosophy” (169-170)
Miscellaneous Notes (170-171)
The High Water Mark of Modern Philosophy (171-173)
A British Thinker on “The Theosophist” (174-175)
Notes and Footnotes to “Three Unpublished Essays” (175-180)
Psychometry (181-182)
Editor’s Note to “Drama of the Latter Days” (183)
Elementals (184-201) [AUGUST, SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER, 1893.]
Old Philosophers and Modern Critics (202-210) [JULY AND AUGUST, 1892.]
Footnote to “Living Vampires and Vampirism of the Grave in our Social Institutions” (210-211)
Comment on “Practical Work for theosophists” (211-212)
Comments on “A Canon Occultist” (212-213)
Mr. Lloyd's Questions to Mohini (213-217)
Prince Bismarck’s Mysterious Visitor (218-219)
A Spirit Visit (219-221)
A Singular Case (221-222)
Miscellaneous Notes (222)
Are Chelas “Mediums”? (223-227)
Astrology (227-230)
Mr. Moncure D. Conway's “A Tour Round the World” (230-232)
A Roman Catholic Saint at Goa (233-235)
Karma (236-237)
Footnotes to “Unpublished Writings of Eliphas Levi” (238)
Mahatmas and Chelas (239-241)
Is the Desire to “Live” Selfish? (241-248)
Nirvana (248-249)
Miscellaneous Notes (249)
Petition to the Masters for the Formation of an “Inner Group” in the London Lodge (250-256)
The Future Occultist (257-263)
Can the Mahatmas be Selfish? (263-266)
The Future Buddhas (266-268)
Miscellaneous Notes (268)
Mr. A. Lillie’s Delusions (269-280)
Miscellaneous Notes (280)
Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society (281-284)
Chelas (285-287)
The Theosophical Society in India (287-288)
Mr. Arthur Lillie (288-294)
H.P.B. on the Coulomb Forged Letters (395-308)
The Collapse of Koot Hoomi (308-313)
On Hibernation, the Arya-Samaj, ETC. (313-315)
The Ten Sephiroth (315-321) [DECEMBER, 1925]
H.P.B.’s Last Will and Testament (322-324)
H.P.B and the S.P.R. Report (324-326)
Faith in Astrology (3266-327)
Editor's Note to “Kama-Loka and the Bearings of the Esoteric Doctrine on Spiritualism” (328-329)
A Remarkable Astrologer (329-330)
Spiritual Progress (331-337)
Retirement of Madame Blavatsky (337-339)
Editor’s Note to “Zoroastrianism” (340-341)
Facts and Ideations (341-353)
A Bewitched Life (354-406)
Letter from H.P. Blavatsky to the Editor of “Rebus” (406-411)
To the Theosophist (DATED NOVEMBER, 1885) (412-413)
My Justification (414-417) [AUGUST, 1931]
Testimony to Phenomena (418-419) [DECEMBER, 1883]
VOLUME VII (1886 – 1887.08)
[1924 and 1886]
To Theosophists and Men of Honour (3-7)
[Madame Blavatsky’s Protest] (8-11)
Have Animals Souls? (12-49)
“Isis Unveiled” and the Vidishtadvâita (50-52)
A Theosophical Fable (53-54C)
Occult or Exact Science? (55-90)
Ancient Magic in Modern Science (91-104)
Egyptian Magic (105-126)
[Compiler’s Notes] (126-134)
[1924 and 1931]
[The Original Programme of the Theosophical Society] : Compiler’s Notes (135-140)
A Few Words on The Theosophical Organization (by Mohini M. Chatterji and Arthur Gebhard) (140-145)
Text of the “Original Programme” Manuscript (145-173)
Some Words on Daily Life (1888) (173-175)
November, 1886
Theories About Reincarnation and Spirits (176-199)
[January, 1887]
An Important Correction (200)
[November, 1891]
Chinese Spirits (201-209)
[Compiler’s Notes] (209-213)
November, 1886
Animated Statues (213-230)
The Idols and the Teraphim (230-240)
December, 1886
“The Theosophical Mahatmas” (241-249)
Miscellaneous Notes (250)
[May, 1892]
The Kabalah and the Kabalists at the Close of the Nineteenth Century (250-272)
[August, 1896]
Fragments (272-280)
Footnotes to “The Life of Paracelsus” (283-284)
Classification of “Principles” (284-300)
[H. P. Blavatsky’s Instructions to Countess Constance Wachtmeister, concerning the Removal of her ody after Death] (301-305)
“United” (306-317)
Juges ou Calomniateurs? (318-330)
Judges or Slanderers? (330-344)
Re-Classification of Principles (345-351)
VOLUME VIII (1887.09-12)
What’s in a Name (5-13)
Aphorisms (14)
The History of a Planet (14-27)
The Last of a Good Lama (28-30)
Literary Jottings (30-41)
Theosophical and Mystic Publications (41-45)
From the Note Book of an Unpopular Philosopher (45-47)
Fausses Conceptions (48-69)
Misconceptions (70-91)
[The Blossom and the Fruit] (91-93)
Modern Idealism, Worse Than Materialism (93-98) [October, 1896]
The Signs of the Times (98-108)
Self-Knowledge (108)
Will and Desire (109)
The Origin of Evil (110-125)
The Great Paradox (125-129)
Desire Made Pure (129)
“An Adventure Among the Rosicrucians”—Review (130-136)
Theosophical and Mystic Publications (136-137)
From the Note Book of an Unpopular Philosopher (137-139)
Miscellaneous Notes (139)
Tetragrammaton (140-159)
“Let Every Man Prove His Own Work” (159-171)
The Esoteric Character of the Gospels (continued in December, 1887, and February, 1888) (172-217)
Compiler’s Notes (217-239)
The Science of Life (240-249)
Sin Against Life (249-250)
Footnotes to “Blood-Covenanting” (251-252)
“Esoteric Buddhism” (252-253)
“The Real History of the Rosicrucians”—Review (253-262)
From the Note Book of an Unpopular Philosopher (262-267)
[H. P. Blavatsky and the Keely Motor] (267)
“Lucifer” to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Greeting! (268-283)
“God Speaks for Law and Order” (284-286)
An interpetretation of the vision, by Serjeant (287-292)
Answers to Queries (292-299)
Literary Jottings (299-310)
Miscellaneous Notes (310-313)
[September, 1894]
[“Lucifer” and The Theosophical Publishing Company] (313-314)
[September, 1891]
The Substantial Nature of Magnetism (315-333)
[October, 1896]
Psychology, the Science of the Soul (333-340)
December, 1887
[Controversy between H. P. Blavatsky and the Abbé Roca] (341-342)
Esotericism of Christian Dogma (Abbé Roca) (343-354)
Notes sur «L’Ésotérisme du Dogme Chrétien» de M. l’Abbé Roca (H.P.B.) (355-371)
Notes on Abbé Roca’s “Esotericism of Christian Dogma” (translation) (372-391)
[May, June, July, 1900]
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (392-409)
VOLUME IX (1888.01-06)
1888 (3-5)
“To the Readers of Lucifer” (5-10)
“A Modern Magician”—Review (10-11)
“Absolute Monism”—Review (11-16)
The Church and the Doctrine of Atonement (16-18)
A Note of Explanation (18-23)
Miscellaneous Notes (23-24)
Chinese Shadows (24-29)
“What is Truth?” (30-42)
Footnotes to “The Soldier’s Daughter” (42-44)
“Traité élémentaire de science occulte”—Review (44-46)
What of Phenomena? (46-50)
Correspondence (51-62)
Miscellaneous Notes (63-65)
Sunday Devotion to Pleasure (66-72)
The Life Principle (72-80)
From “Lucifer” to a Few Readers (80-86)
Re the Brain Theorem of the Universe (86-88)
The Late Mrs. Anna Kingsford, M. D. (89-91)
From the Note Book of an Unpopular Philosopher (92-97)
Miscellaneous Notes (98-99)
Conversations on Occultism (99-128)
What Good has Theosophy done in India? (129-134)
Footnotes to “Buddhist Doctrine of the Western Heaven” (135-138)
Footnotes and Comments on “Ultimate Philosophy” (138-141)
Christian Lecturers on Buddhism, and Plain Facts about the same, by Buddhists (142-154)
Practical Occultism (155-162)
Correspondence (163-172)
“Woman: her Glory, her Shame, and her God”—Review (172-176)
“Visions”—Review (177-178)
Controversy between H. P. Blavatsky and the Abbé Roca (CHPBAR) : Reply to Madame Blavatsky’s observations on Christian Esotericism (Abbé Roca)—February, 1888 (179-193)
(CHPBAR) : Réponse aux Fausses conceptions de M. l’Abbé Roca Relatives à mes Observations sur l’Ésotérisme Chrétien (H.P.B.) (194-215)
(CHPBAR) : Reply to the mistaken conceptions of the Abbé Roca concerning my observations on Christian Esotericism (translation of the above) (216-237)
Footnotes to “The Tide of Life” (237-241)
Letter from H. P. Blavatsky to the Second American Convention (241-248)
Occultism versus the Occult Arts (249-261)
Footnotes to “The Sraddha” (261-263)
The Crucifixion of Man (264-275)
Is this an Error? (August, 1888) (275-280)
A Puzzle in “Esoteric Buddhism” (280-285)
Practical Occultism (285-286)
Why do Animals Suffer? (286-288)
Is there no Hope? (288-289)
Who are the Eurasians? (289-290)
Miscellaneous Notes (290)
Theosophy or Jesuitism? (291-307)
[Compiler’s Notes] (307-317)
Karmic Visions (318-339)
[Unsupported Claims of the Roman Catholic Church] (393-341)
Miscellaneous Notes (341-342)
Réponse de l’Abbé Roca aux Allégations de Madame Blavatsky contre l’Ésotérisme Chrétien (Abbé Roca)—with Footnotes by H. P. B. (343-370)
Reply of Abbé Roca to Madame Blavatsky’s Allegations against Christian Esotericism (Abbé Roca)—with Footnotes by H. P. B. (translation of the above) (371-397)
Letter to the Editor of “The Path” (399-400)
[Additional Material: Conversations on Occultism (continued)] (400-400S)
VOLUME X (1888.07 – 1889.01)
Forlorn Hope (1-8)
To Theosophists and Readers of “Lucifer” (9-12)
Star-Angel Worship in the Roman Catholic Church (13-32)
“L’Isis” (33-34)
Christian Science (34-42)
What is God? (42-47)
Miscellaneous Notes (47)
Psychologie de l’Égypte ancienne (48-54)
Psychology of Ancient Egypt (55-62)
The Theosophical Society: Its Mission and Its Future (63-81)
Our Christian XIXth Century Ethics (81-88)
A Lesson (89)
The “Chaste Tree” (90)
Miscellaneous Notes (90-92)
Our Third Volume (92-95)
Christian or Mental Science (96)
From the Note Book of an Unpopular Philosopher (97-108)
Miscellaneous Notes (108-109)
Théosophie et Bouddhisme (110-121)
Theosophy and Buddhism (121-123)
Lodges of Magic (124-130)
Editorial Notice (131)
Footnotes to “A Glance at Theosophy from Outside” (131-133)
An Explanation Important to All Theosophists (134-142)
The National Epic of Finland—Review (143-148)
The Devil—Who is He? (148-151)
Pertinent Queries (151-154)
The Esoteric Section of The Theosophical Society (154-155)
Miscellaneous Notes (155-157)
[“The Secret Doctrine”—Compiler’s Note] (157-159)
Is Theosophy a Religion? (159-174)
Footnotes to “A Buddhist Prince’s View of the Universe and the Nature of Man” (174-177)
“Esoteric Buddhism” and “The Secret Doctrine” (177-188)
Miscellaneous Notes (188)
Casting Off (189-192)
[The Esoteric Section and William Quan Judge] (195)
Is Denunciation a Duty? (196-208)
The Dirge for the Dead in Life (208-212)
The Dirge for the Dead (February, 1889) (212-217)
Dialogue Between the Two Editors (217-226)
Children Allowed to Train Themselves for Murder (226-228)
The Devil, Who is He? (229-233)
Literary Jottings (233-241)
Miscellaneous Notes (241-242)
The Secret Doctrine (243-245)
Dreams (246-264)
June, 1893, and April, 1894
Occult Vibrations (264-267)
Conversations on Occultism with H. P. B. (268-273)
The Year is Dead, Long Live the Year! (277-285)
“The Empty Vessel Makes the Greatest Sound” (285-288)
Lodges of Magic (289-290)
Are All Russian Ladies Russian Agents? (291-295)
Miscellaneous Notes (295-297)
Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge of The Theosophical Society (298-406)
VOLUME XI (1889.02-10)
A Paradoxical World (1-13)
Footnotes to “The Ancient Empire of China” (14-18)
If you Shoot at a Crow, do not Kill a Cow (19-20)
“Qabbalah, The Philosophical Writings of Solomon Ben Yehudah Ibn Gebirol”—Review (21-33)
Marriage and Divorce—Religious, Practical and Political Aspects of the Question (34-42)
The Mithra Worship (43-45)
On Pseudo-Theosophy (45-61)
The Roots of Ritualism in Church and Masonry (concluded in May, 1889) (62-101)
“Thou Shalt not Bear False Witness . . . .” (102-103)
Theosophical Queries (103-106)
[Japanese Buddhism and Christianity] (106-108)
Le Cycle Nouveau (109-122)
The New Cycle (Translation of foregoing French text) (123-136)
Thoughts on Karma and Reincarnation (136-146)
The Struggle for Existence (147-156)
The Sacred Mission of the S. P. R. (157)
Miscellaneous Notes (158-160)
[Second Letter of H. P. Blavatsky to the American Convention] (161-169)
Signal de Danger (170-177)
A Danger Signal (Translation of foregoing French text) (178-185)
Our Cycle and the Next (186-202)
Our Society’s “Agapae” (203-204)
Buddhism Through Christian Spectacles (205-208)
Miscellaneous Notes (209-210)
Professor Elliott Coues and Koot Hoomi (210-211)
Le Phare de l’Inconnu (continued in June, July and August, 1889) (212-247)
The Beacon of the Unknown (Translation of foregoing French text) (248-283)
A Letter to the Editor of “Light” (284-286)
“It’s the Cat!” (287-294)
“A Voice from over the Seas” (295)
“Attention, Theosophists!” (296-300)
A Few Queries (300-301)
Miscellaneous Notes (302-305)
To All Theosophists. “The Esoteric Section of The Theosophical Society” and its Enemies (306-330)
Force of Prejudice (330-340)
Miscellaneous Notes (340)
The Work of the “Esoteric Section of the T. S.” To All the “Pledged”Theosophists (341-342)
World-Improvement or World-Deliverance (343-354)
The Eighth Wonder (publ. Posthumously in October, 1891) (355-362)
Dates Again (362-365)
[The Key to Theosophy] (365)
The “Nine-Days’ Wonder” Press (366-377)
A Puzzle from Adyar (378-384)
Miscellaneous Notes (384)
The Light of Egypt (385-386)
Letter to the Editor of “Light” (387-389)
A Correction (390)
Our Three Objects (391-400)
Notice (400)
“Going To and Fro in the Earth” (401-412)
The Theosophist’s Right to His God (413-416)
Miscellaneous Notes (417)
The Thersites of Freethought (418-430)
Philosophers and Philosophicules (431-439)
The Women of Ceylon (440-445)
Memory in the Dying (446-453)
An Open Letter (453-455)
“Going To and Fro in the Earth” (456-463)
What shall we do for our Fellow-Men? (464-480)
Theosophical (?) Dogmatism and Intolerance (481-482)
Notes on the Gospel according to John (published in February, 1893) (482-503)
The Theosophists (504)
L’Alchimie au Dix-Neuvième Siècle (continued in November and December, 1889) (505-527)
Alchemy in the Nineteenth Century (Translation of foregoing French text) (528-550)
An Open Letter to All the Fellows of the American Section of The Theosophical Society (551-560)
VOLUME XII (1889.02 – 1890)
The Tidal Wave (1-8)
Russian Popular Tracts (9-13)
Genius (13-22)
Miscellaneous Notes (22-24)
Official Notice (24-26)
“Going To and Fro in the Earth” (27-30)
Footnotes to “My Experiences in Occultism and Occult Development” (31-32)
The Fall of Ideals (33-52)
Footnotes to “The Alchemists” (52-55)
Going To and Fro in the Earth” (55-57)
Miscellaneous Notes (58)
The Facts Brought Before Masters (59-63)
[The Voice of the Silence] (64)
1890! On the New Year’s Morrow (67-78)
Was Cagliostro a “Charlatan”? (78-88)
[Colonel Henry S. Olcott and the Esoteric Section] (89)
Miscellaneous Notes (90)
Pensées sur le Nouvel An et les Faux Nez (91-97)
Thoughts on the New Year and the False Noses (Translation of the foregoing French text) (97-104)
The Last Song of the Swan (104-116)
[Colonel H. S. Olcott and the British Section] (116)
Muddled Meddlers (117-119)
Miscellaneous Notes (119)
The Cycle Moveth (120-132)
Kosmic Mind (133-150)
[Note by the Compiler] (150)
Third Letter of H.P.B. to the Fourth Annual American Convention (151-156)
Why I Do not Return to India (157-167)
La Légende du Lotus Bleu (167-176)
The Legend of the Blue Lotus (Translation of the foregoing French text) (177-186)
Thoughts on the Elementals (187-205)
Footnotes and Editorial Notes to “The Letters of Johann Caspar Lavater” (205-212)
[Rules for the Residents of the London Headquarters] (212-213)
Black Magic in Science (214-228)
An Astral Prophet (228-233)
Mistaken Notions on “The Secret Doctrine” (234-237)
Capital Punishment (237-238)
Cruelty to Animals (238-239)
Diagnoses and Palliatives (239-256)
Modern Apostles and Pseudo-Messiahs (256-262)
The Theosophical Society in Europe (263-264)
Science and the Secret Doctrine (265)
Progress and Culture (266-279)
The Mote and the Beam (279-291)
Neptune (292)
Recent Progress in Theosophy (292-308)
[Appointment of Bertram Keightley] (309)
The Dual Aspect of Wisdom (309-320)
Queries and Answers (321-329)
To the Theosophists of Europe (329-332)
Mme. Blavatsky Appeals to the Law (332-334)
Neo-Buddhism (334-349)
Psychic and Noetic Action (350-374)
[The Theosophical Society and its Detractors] (375-376)
À Tous les Membres de la Société Théosophique en France (377-379)
To All the Members of The Theosophical Society in France (Translation of the foregoing french text) (379-381)
Miscellaneous Notes (382)
Forlorn Hopes (383-394)
Hypnotism, and its Relations to Other Modes of Fascination (394-403)
Problems of Life (403-416)
Why the “Vahan”? (417-419)
[The Oriental Department] (419-420)
Specimen Page of Gems from the East (421-424) изображения
Gems from the East. A Birthday Book of Precepts and Axioms (425-476)
Esoteric instructions (ei) : the esoteric section: introduction by the compiler (478-511)
EI : Instruction No. I (513-541)
EI : Instruction No. II (542-580)
EI : Instruction No. III (581-652)
EI : [Compiler’s Note] (653)
EI : Instruction No. IV (654-673s)
EI : First Supplementary Paper to Instruction No. IV (675-687)
EI : Instruction No. V (691-712)
EI : Doubles and Ex-Doubles (712-713)
Pistis Sophia: Commentary and Notes (1-81) ( only in this volume )
The Babel of Modern Thought (83-103)
A Criticism on a Critic (104-110)
Going To and Fro: [Regarding Giants and Hypnotism] (111-114)
Comments on “The Theostophical Society and H.P.B.” (115-121)
Miscellaneous Notes (122)
The Indian General Secretaryship (122)
The Devil’s Own Thoughts on Ormuzd and Ahriman (123-133)
Miscellaneous Notes (134)
[Bertram Keightley and The Theosophist] (135)
[Annie Besant and the Esoteric Section] (135-137)
The Negators of Science (138-157)
Footnotes to “The Purânas” (158-160)
Are Bacilli Anything New? (161)
A Magic Wand (162)
Two Kinds of “Peacemakers ” (163)
A Sincere Confession (163-164)
Miscellaneous Notes (164-165)
The Light of the World—Review (165-170)
Miscellaneous Notes (170)
Letter to the Fifth Annual Convention of the American Section of the T.S. (171-175)
Additional Message to the Fifth American Convention (176)
Civilization, the Death of Art and Beauty (177-190)
True Nobility (191)
My Books (191-202)
A Declaration (203-204)
Madame Blavatsky Speaks Out (205-207)
Posthumous Works [Fragments ascribed to H.P.B. which have titles devised by the compiler have daggers after them.] (208)
The Theosophical Society—A Truthful Tale of the Nineteenth Century (209-214)
The Blessings of Publicity (215-218)
[There is a Road, Steep and Thorny . . .] (219)
Frogs and Chinamen (220-222)
Madame Blavatsky and the Grippe (223)
The Denials and the Mistakes of the Nineteenth Century (224-242)
Literary Jottings (243-247)
From the Polar Lands (248-253)
Buddhism, Christianity and Phallicism (254-261)
The Mind in Nature (262-269)
One Eternal Truth . . .† (269-270)
Nebo of Birs-Nimrud (271-282)
Pherecydes (283-285)
Knowledge Comes in Visions† (285)
The Outer World as Natural Enemy of Every New Truth† (286-287)
Consciousness and Self-Consciousness (288-289)
An Intro and Retrospective Dream: A Tale of the XXIV Century (290-295)
Pagan Symbolism Indestructible—Why? (296-300)
On Cosmic Cycles, Manvantaras and Rounds† (301-306)
Spinoza and Western Philosophers (307-312)
Answers to Questions† (313-320)
Ancient Astronomy. The Great Pyramid† (321-323)
The Origin of the Pythagorean System† (324-325)
The Chaldean “Vedas” or “Vedic” Chaldees (326-340)
Christianizing “Pagan” Ideas† (340-341)
Palibothra or Megasthenes (342-344)
On Dr. Carpenter and Scientific Prejudice† (345-347)
On Separation of the Nations, etc.† (348-350)
Kabala (351-354)
Hermetic Fire† (354-355)
Scattered Fragments† (356-358)
Letter to the Moscow Herald† (359-361)
On Mesmerism and Hypnotism† (362-363)
Blavatsky Lodge Minutes† (364-366)
VOLUME XIV (posthumously)
Introductory (1-16)
Preliminary Survey (16-33)
The Secrecy of Initiates (33-47)
Some Reasons for Secrecy (47-59)
The Dangers of Practical Magic (59-69)
Old Wine in New Bottles (70-76)
The Book of Enoch, the Origin and the Foundation of Christianity (76-86)
Hermetic and Kabalistic Doctrines (86-94)
Various Occult Systems of Interpretations of Alphabets and Numerals (95-102)
The Hexagon with the Central Point, or the Seventh Key (102-109)
Post-Christian Adepts and Their Doctrines (109-114)
Simon and his Biographer Hippolytus (115-120)
St. Paul, The Real Founder of Present Christianity (120-124)
Peter, A Jewish Kabalist, Not an Initiate (124-127)
Apollonius of Tyana (127-136)
Facts Underlying Adept Biographies (137-162)
St. Cyprian of Antioch (162-167)
The Eastern Gupta-Vidya and the Kabalah (167-191)
Hebrew Allegories (192-205)
The Zohar on Creation and the Elohim (206-219)
What the Occultists and the Kabalists have to say (220-224)
Modern Kabalists in Science and Occult Astronomy (225-232)
Eastern and Western Occultism (232-245)
The Origin of the Mysteries (246-259)
The Trial of the Sun Initiate (259-268)
The Mystery “Sun of Initiation” (269-273)
The Objects of the Mysteries (274-280)
Traces of the Mysteries (281-293)
The Last of the Mysteries in Europe (294-299)
The Post-Christian Successors to the Mysteries (300-313)
Symbolism of Sun and Stars (314-325)
Pagan Sidereal Worship, or Astrology (326-333)
The Souls of the Stars – Universal Heliolatry (334-343)
Astrology and Astrolatry (344-352)
Cycles and Avataras (352-357)
Secret Cycles (358-368)
The Doctrine of Avataras (370-385)
The Seven Principles (386-387)
The Mystery of Buddha (388-399)
“Reincarnations” of Buddha (400-407)
Unpublished Discourse of Buddha (408-410)
Nirvana-Moksha (411-421)
The Secret Books of “Lam-Rim” and Dzyan (422-424)
Amita Buddha, Kwan-Shai-Yin, and Kwan-Yin-What the “Book of Dzyan” and the Lamaseries of Tsong-Kha-Pa say. (425-426)
Tsong-Kha-Pa – Lohans in China (427-431)
A Few More Misconceptions Corrected (432-442)
The “Doctrine of the Eye” and the “Doctrine of the Heart,” or the “Heart’s Seal” (443-453)
Appendices I, II and III (457-502) (not available online)
VOLUME XV (indexes)

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