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vol. 1, p. 57
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)


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Those Liberal Club Snuffers


See Vol. I, Chap. III of Isis Unveiled written against these Soul snuffers.

Spiritualism Rampant. Embryonic Men


Spiritual Scientist Sept. 18, 1875.

Oriental Spiritualism

One of the most talented writers, now contributing to Spiritual literature, is Dr. G. L. Ditson, an able scholar, a calm and clear thinker. It gives us pleasure to find him in the ranks of those who are willing to seize upon “truth wherever found, on heathen or on Christian ground;” and his testimony to the possibility of there being a residuum of force, in spiritual manifestations not satisfactorily accounted for on the theory of spirit-communication, is worthy of consideration. He has no fear that a study of the hidden forces in Nature will undermine his Spiritualism; and that there are these forces he evidently has no doubt; for he says: —

“When in Egypt and India I saw such feats performed by jugglers (so-called), that trenched so largely upon the boundaries of the impossible—seemingly so to us—that I, for one, am anxious to look into any and every work, whatever title it may bear and under whatever mysterious aspect it may be put forth, in which there may possibly lie a clue to those unfathomed secrets (unfathomed in our day—exceptions allowed), that in ancient times, hidden under cabalistic signs and figures, master-spirits in the flesh knew bow to utilize. To be sure the things here hinted at receive their share of ridicule, as does Spiritualism and mesmerism, and as the Copernican system did at a more remote period; but this, certainly, with intelligent Spiritualists should not have a feathers weight If “pooh-pooh,” and “nonsense,” am “humbug,” and “crazy fool,” had been material substances, we should have had a wall built around us to high we should never have seen its capstone. Let us, then, beware how we use such terms concerning that of which we are ignorant, though in our conceit we may fancy that we have the key rationale to <... continues on page 1-58 >


The present generation of men gradually evolving from—plants, vegetables, fish and becoming finally Whiskey bottles,—the “Embryonic man” or ancestor of the present race.

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