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vol. 1, p. 58
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)


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< Oriental Spiritualism (continued from page 1-57) >

all that is worthy of a scientific investigation. We should at least remember Arago's caution in such matters.

Regarding ‘the European magician, who did not come to this country to impart his sublime knowledge to our spiritual masses,’ I wish to say a word or two. If this gentleman is possessed of the true secret of the Cabala; if he is a member of the Lodge of the Orient, which, I believe, has more true wisdom and valuable learning in it than is embraced in any other society or sect in the world; if he possesses, I say, the great ‘secret’ of his order, I am quite sure he dare net reveal it. To be sure he can instruct us; he can tell us in what path to walk, what studies we should pursue, what virtues (if not all) practice, what abstinences adhere to, what sacrifices we must make to approach the mysterious gate; but he dare not tell us how many knocks are there to be given, and what we are to say to the Cerberus. And is it wise to reject even a little teaching? Cod crown with benedictions, not with thorns, the man who has the hardihood to advance anything new among a people so wise in their own conceit.


As Chemistry grew out of Alchemy, so, perhaps. Spiritualism will improve on Occultism; but not return to it. The spirit-world has reduced the verbiage of Occultism to orderly common sense, and to-day the great truth involved stands forth clear and sharp, that the results of so-called Occultism are simply produced by intelligent, but disembodied, human beings. — J. J. Morse.

The signs are not wanting to indicate that J. J. Morse has not a very clear idea of the truths comprehended in j the subject of Occultism; if, as he says, the spirit-world has reduced the “verbiage of Occultism to orderly common sense” we would like to know when it was accomplished. Vacillating mediums have given more verbiage to the world than can be found in all the writings extant on Occultism; but thanks to the general intelligence, only a little of it has been considered worth preserving, and even this is at a discount, so far as it serves any practical purpose.

Mr. Morse, we believe, does not claim to be a student, and we run no risk in declaring that he knows nothing of the results of “Occultism;” consequently he talks at random when he expresses an opinion upon the causes that underlie its phenomena.

Magnetism or Natural Magic


This subject has puzzled the minds of scientists in all ages. True, many have comprehended some of the workings, but few have ever thought of the oneness of the subject.

Magnetism, in its primary sensei is the vital fluid or thought essence which flows through the brains of both man and animals. In each it is developed according to conditions; Man being of a higher organism has a higher soul development or magnetism. Created to be the life principle it flows into the brain and heart of man, according to his physical development from the embryo to the full statue of manhood. Conditions favoring it, it becomes much more powerful in some than in others.

The white blood (Chyle, or the fluid of the Thoracic Duct) is the seat of this force, and its action upon it changes it into the Venus blood. The cuticle absorbs it from surrounding nature. The pores are the ducts through which it passes into the human body, vitalizing every part of man in exact ratio to the amount received. Therefore, it will be seen, that it is of the utmost importance to keep the skin clean and cool to allow a full flow into the body, as too much heat of the body will retard its action. When these ducts are clogged with debris or effete matter it checks this influx of magnetism, and consequently produces derangement of the fluid action of the body and induces disease and death. After becoming amalgamated with the inner being it is as a lever to the organs of brain and nerve.

Persons who have a preponderance of magnetism have usually indomitable wills or force of character, and when their organisms are symmetrically developed we see the highest type of manhood or womanhood. Rut such, with imperfect or deformed cranial developments, become fearful engines for evil if not restrained.

And here is where natural magic is centered. It is the using of this force to control others. By it some persons become magnetizers or mesmerizers. They throw out their vital force and overcome that of the other party; and the party so influenced absorbs the life principle of the mesmerizers, and so feels, sees, or thinks as the operator desires.

Upon this same principle, disease is oftened cured. The magnetism of the operator flows into the patient, producing a revolution in the magnetic currents of the body, and so breaking down old conditions and impediments to a healthy flow of this fluid the patient is often relieved instantaneously.

One may be unconsciously influenced by the magnetism of another; but those who study this subject will be careful not to put themselves under the magnetic influence of evil or wicked persons. Never shake hands, and do not come in close contact with such a person, if possible. Avoid crowded, promiscuous assemblies, as the influence of such is hurtful to one who is finely susceptible to magnetic currents. The subject is simple, and yet how complex.

Magic, so called from Magi, the founders of the system is purely electrical. Electrical affinities arc the basis or ground-work upon which it is founded. Magnetism combines spiritual and animal affinities, and, in so doing, induces a current of electrical fluid in proportion to the magnetic development of each. Magic is the scientific application of these elements, to produce certain results. The forces of nature are gathered up and extended in such proportion combined with the elements of earth, air and water, to form the results desired. None but experts in mesmerism, psychology, ethnology and electro-biology, can accomplish such feats of wonder as the transforming of one substance into another by magical signs and formulae. The formulae and words are not used except to give direction to the flow of magnetic currents. Power lies in their use only to the operator skilled in nature's laws.

As a science it is based upon truth and known laws, and is grand and beautiful; unfolding like a flower the wonders of creative power. It unfolds the spiritual in man and defolds the material in spirit. It elevates man and brings him in communion with spiritual harmonies of earth, air and heaven. It is no vain delusion of the senses, but a living potent pother working up from the inner being of man to the outer world. This is magic.

Magnetism and magic are twin-sisters born—the power of God and man, united in one form. Power from the unseen fountain of life with man’s elements combined.

These are interesting subjects, and will well repay the investigator and seeker after truth and God.

New Orleans, La.

The Double

The November number* of the Revue Spirite of Paris, publishes an interesting letter from Port Said, Egypt, in which the possibility of “the double” is fully established. A young man, a native of Damietta, embarked on board a vessel and made several voyages in her; but finally displeasing the captain because he would not subscribe to some act of injustice by which his employers were to be cheated, he disembarked at the Island of Crete. The captain returned to Damietta, and wishing to avenge himself on the young man, went to his parents there and told them their son was dead- substantiating the story by taking along some clothes which he had left in the vessel. One evening, however, when the young man was reposing quietly on a divan in Crete, a person suddenly appeared before him—a Sheik Ali whom he knew. Though he tumbled at this apparition, he took its hand and kissed it. "Know you, my son,” said the sheik, “that to-day a miscreant has been to affright your parents with the news of your death. I tried to console them, and have promised to give them news of you to-morrow.” After some further remarks he suddenly vanished. The young man hastened to his friend Hass an, in whose house he was staying, and related what had happened. “It was indeed the Sheik Ali,” he said; "and he has rendered me an important service too, for he promised me that if I would go to Constantinople, I should receive an office in which I could rest for the remainder of my life. This proved correct, for I was appointed to this post as Governor of the Port” The young man returning home some months afterward, found every word true that had been told him by the sheik.

* 1874

Orders received from India direct to establish a philosophico-religious Society and choose a name for it—also to choose Olcott. July 1875.

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