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vol. 1, p. 186
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 1 (1874-1876)


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A Familiar List


How they Hope to Win


Spiritualism and the Press

The London and provincial newspapers are generally agitated at the present time about Dr. Slade’s medium- ship, and the consideration of psychology at the British Association at Glasgow. The young man who wrote to the London Times, giving his theory in explanation of the manifestations witnessed at Dr. Slade's, paved the way for the publication of more accurate accounts, whereby the cause of truth has been the gainer. Replies favorable to Dr. Slade appeared in the Times from Dr, Carter Blake, Mr. C. C. Massey, Mr. A. R. Wallace, Mr. Algeron Joy, and Mr. G. C. Joad. A letter from Sergeant Cox, also points to conclusions different from those of Mr. Lankester. The Daily Telegraph publishes an excellent summary, a column long, of the discussion at Glasgow. The Spectator and Examiner have articles on Dr. Slade's mediumship, the former showing most knowledge of the subject, and expressing the opinion that the exposers had not made out a case. The Glasgow papers ha republished arti les and letters on Spiritualism, and the utterances in the Mai! have been most untrustworthy. The Brighton Daily News, in a sensible leading article, points out that leaders of the unfortunate public ought to have some practical knowledge of the subjects they write and speak about, and that it is high time that men of science should investigate. The intelligent portion of the public know that so much clamor is likely to be founded upon a fair proportion of fact, consequently the spirit of inquiry is abroad.

In America the secular press have copied with avidity the accounts of the exposure, and the arraignment of Dr. blade before the court. Those which are chronically opposed to Spiritualism — and they are many—have written long editorials, clearly manifesting their ignorance of the subject, and their prejudice against its investigation. Some few admitted letters favorable to Dr. Slade from those who have witnessed his manifestations in this country. The Hartford Times copies the editorials of the Scientist, and a number of exchanges have found room for a two-line paragraph to the effect that the Spiritual Scientist which Is foremost in its endeavors to eliminate imposture from Spiritualism does not accept the recent statements from London as reliable, and accepts Dr. Slade’s slate writing as reliable. One correspondent says that the editor of the Courant had a free sitting with Slade, carrying bit own slate and pencil, which Slade never touched; and receiving therein a message from a deceased friend, and yet the Courant has an article on “the humbug Slade.” The favorable accounts in London papers receive no attention from those who were so ready to give a wide circulation to the story of an exposure.

A Distinction That Must Be Made

The Banner of Light heads a ten-line paragraph, “The West End Medium,” and says: —

The Boston Herald contains an account of what it claims to be an exposure of deceptive practices on the part of Mrs. Bennett, “the West End Medium.” If there are no good and sufficient explanations from the other party, we shall have to conclude that the Herald has made out a case.

If there are no explanations from the other party.” What explanation could be made of a trap-door leading: out of a seance room through which nightly came some of the occupants of the house to personate “materialized spirits,” and deceive honest investigators? “The West

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