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vol. 2, p. 3
from Adyar archives of the International Theosophical Society
vol. 2 (January 1874 - April 1878)


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Contents of Vol. I.

Chapter I.

Old Book—The Book of Hefmes—Limitations of Physical Sience—The Pythagorean Numerals—The Heliocentric System Hindu—Ancient Astronomical Calculations—The "Living Soul" of Beasts—Protoplasm and the "Beyond"—The Unrecognized but Potent Adepts—The Journey of Apollonius—Nothing New under the Sun—The Phrygian Dactyls— Magic of Incalculable Antiquity—Absurd Pretensions of Rome—The Central Spiritual Sun—The Neroses. Yogas and Kalpas—The Period of the Great Neros—Types and their Prototypes—Man’s Yearning for Immortality.

Chapter II.

Where Lies the Burden of Proof?—The Wise Barrachias Hassan Oglu—Mr. Crookes’ Probations—Crookes’ Choice of Theories—The Obscurum per Obscurius—The Alkahest No Fiction—Spiritualism Drifting Churchward—New Names for an Old Thing—Force Against Force—Schopenhauer’s Great "Parerga"—The Force that Moves the Atoms—The Uses of Half-soft Glue—Friar Bacon’s Miracles—The S... "Katie King”—Materialized Spirits not Human-Elementaries Incite to Crimes.

Chapter III.

Pretended Exposures—Comte’s Religion of the Future—Positivism but a Negation—"Artificial Fecundation"—The "Monkeys" of Science—An Epidemic of Negation—Ultramontanism in Science—Nostrums and Specifies—The Demiurgos—The Water-Lilies of Gabriel—The Indictment against Bruno—Bruno a Pythagorean.

Chapter IV.

Babinet's "Unconscious Ventriloquism"—The Devil, "The Pillar of Faith"—Babinet's Chat with Himself—Babinet’s Meteoric Cat—Thury against De Gasparin—Faradaysiacs and De Gasparin—Prof. Thury’s "Ectenic Force”—Skepticism from Cerebral Malformation—Fried Grasshoppers versus Immortality—The Cave-Cabinet of Lourdes—Huxley Defines what is Proof—A Christian Journal Protests;

Charter V.

Edison's Force and Bell's Telephone—Whence the Word Magnet?—Jesus Felt Loss of Power—A Scandinavian Legend— Solomon’s Sul of Hindu Origin—The Wave-Theory Discredited—The Marvels of the Fakir—The Hindu Plant-growing Trick—Regazzoni’s Mesmeric Experiments—Transmural Vision—The Four Beasts of the Evangelists—The Meaning of the "Coat of Skin"—Gods and Mortals of the Eddas—Aswatha, The Mundane Tree—The Frost-Giants of the Veluspa—Sacred Soma Drink—The Portal of the Silent Land—What did Thor the Thunderer Signify?

Chapter VI.

A Great Chance Thrown Away—Wise Words from Lactantius—Paracelsus the Discoverer of Hydrogen—The French Committee of 1784—The Prussian Government Prize—Academicians who were Honest—Base Treatment of Professor Hare—The Drowning Man’s Memory—Trance life—The Quest of the Psychometer—Pictures on the Cosmic Canvas—The Trinity of Mystery—Water the Universal Solvent—Alchemical Principles—Van Helmont no Boaster—Flammarion’s Frank Avowal—Sargeant Cox’s Several Points—Blind Force plus Intelligence—Inspiration, True and False—A Self-propelling, Self-poised Pencil.

Chapter VII.

The Nose Cut from a Porter’s Back—Attractions and Antipathies in Plants—The Color-instinct of the Cashmere Girls— The Talapoin of Siam—The Magical Power of Music—The Vampirism of some Healing Mediums—The “Diakka,” and Porphyry’s Bad Demons—The Child-Prophet of Cevennes—The New God: Protoplasm—The Quenchless Lamps of Al... Wonderful Lamp of Atteste—How to make the Unquencha.. ..ght—The Wick of the Lamp Asbestos—Do Flying Guitars unconsciously Cerebrate?—The lost Key to the Theurgic Arcana—The Honest Master of Baliol College—The Unfading Colors of Luxor—Is this the Century of Discovery?—Force-correlation the A B C of Occultism— Ghosts, Goblins and Night-crowing Cocks—Currents in the Astral Light—The National Quarterly upon Modern Scientists—Epicurus the Discoverer of Mutton Protoplasm.

Chatter VIII.

An Invisible Earth-—Evolution Taught by Hermes Trismegistus—Do the Stars Rule our Destinies?—The Strange Prophecy of Nostradamus—Kronos, Baal and Siva Identical—Secret Virtues of Precious Stones—Cloud-encompassed Bel—Chance, a Word Voice of Sense—The Sun not Incandescent—Does the Moon influence Vegetation?—The Musk of the Spheres—A "Physician’s Problems"—What Causes Epidemics?—Levi's Sidereal Phantom—Calling an Eagle from the Clouds—Dwellers of the Threshold—What Man Was, Is, and May Be—God the Universal Mind—Nirvana, the Final Bliss.

Chapter IX.

The Cave-men of Les Eyzies—Fruits of the Man-Tree—Hercules the Faithful Titan—The Mighty Lord of Splendor— Remains of a Race of Giants—Pre-Adamite Races—The Alchemists’ "Dew from Heaven"—The Fire-philosophers—The Powers of the Air—Making Man a Clockwork Automatou—The Fall into Generation—Swedenborgians on Soul Death—The "Brothers of the Shadow"—What are Tainted Souls—A Curious Letter—A Ministering Angel—The Astral Body of the Ape—The Silvery Spark of the Brain—The Future of Psychometry—Only Bad Spirits Love Darkness—The Dawn of New Discoveries.

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